Gone Girl

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my first post.

Thought I’d start off with one of my favourite topics of conversation at the moment, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I read this novel over my Easter holidays and I feel like I have done nothing but rave about how wonderful it is since. The only downside to my ranting and raving was that hardly any of my friends had read the book. Yes, they are really missing out!

Gone girl

If you’ve been browsing books online or in bookshops, Gone Girl is a hard one to miss. The bright, practically luminous orange writing on the cover and inside pages make it a real eye catcher.Just a quick disclaimer: this post won’t contain any major spoilers!

For those of you who haven’t read Gone Girl yet go and get it! I promise it’s worth it. No doubt you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the next coming months. Reese Witherspoon just bought the film rights so needless to say it’s gonna be a box office hit too.

The story is set around Nick and Amy Dunne’s relationship.  When the beautiful Amy goes missing on the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. Nick becomes the prime suspect. With numerous signs of a struggle in the house all signs point to Nick. This is when the story kicks into high gear.  The chapters alternate between Amy and Nick’s accounts of the days before and after Amy’s disappearance.  Each account nullifies the other.  Personally I feel the unreliable narrator really makes this book a page turner.  It’s amazing how easy it is to be swayed by one characters version of events. Throw in the opposing character’s viewpoint and you’re not sure who to believe.

Flynn’s novel may fall under the crime thriller category but it’s more like a chick-crime thriller. Not that I’m narrowing this to females, I’ve recommended it to all my male friends.  While none of them have read it yet (maybe I’m not selling it very well), I’d love to hear your reactions, thoughts and views on the novel, especially if you’re male.

This is a brilliant “whodunit” story. It will keep you completely hooked. Not to mention the constant twists and turns that had me “no-way-ing” and “I-don’t-believe-it-ing” out loud. A clever, well thought out and entertaining novel. If I had to rate it in terms of   stars I’d give it 4.5 out of 5. It loses .5 for a small section of the ending that I’ll not spoil for anyone who hasn’t read it. If you want a sneak-peak or try-before-you-buy look at the novel follow this link to Amazon, where you can read some of the novel.


For more books I’ve read have a look at my Goodreads widget or leave a comment below if you have any good suggestions for summer reads.

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