Beauty Myths Busted

Can a bottle of anti-aging cream make you look instantly younger?
Will your eyes be smooth and puff-free after one lick of an eye roll on cream?
Will eating the crust of your toast turn your hair curly?
While many of us have learned that our hair will not turn curly by eating crusts of bread, other myths are not as easily figured out. Living in a beauty and health obsessed, mass marketing era, figuring out which products work best for you and your skin can take years.
Here are some typical beauty myths and urban legends.
 An anti-aging cream can restore the collagen levels in my skin.
Sadly, this is false. Collagen is a protein found deep in the skin. It is the key ingredient to firm, youthful skin. However, the collagen modules present in beauty creams are too big to penetrate the skin’s surface. Prevention from an early stage can help keep your collagen levels high.  Avoiding overexposure to UVA and UBV rays and cigarette smoke, can lead to a loss of collagen from the skin. While beauty creams may help to some extent, they can’t fully restore the collagen in your skin.
Toothpaste is a safe way to reduce and remove spots.
While it is true that toothpaste can dry up spots in no time, the fluoride can actually burn your skin, causing more harm than good.

Beauty Myths Busted

Your Mobile phone can give you spots.
True! Mobile phones are a breeding ground for germs. Many experts believe that there are the same germs on a mobile/cell phone as there are on a toilet seat. Wiping and cleaning your phone on a weekly basis can prevent this.
Pumping your mascara wand will give you more voluminous lashes.
This is a big fat no! Pumping your mascara will cause more air to enter the tube of mascara. This will dry out the product and leave you with A) clumpy lashes and B) less product for your money.
An eye cream can’t remove baggy and dark under-eye circles.
This is true. Most eye creams aim to reduce redness and puffiness. Unfortunately, under eye bags are genetic. Thankfully for us there are many ways to prevent and reduce under eye bags and puffiness.  Cucumbers, used teabags, or anything cold, can restrict blood vessels flowing and building up underneath your eyes. Regular 8 hours sleep, drinking plenty of water and minimizing the time you spent staring at a screen can also help.
Shaving makes hair grow back thicker.
This is false.  Shaving will not affect the thickness of your regrowth. However, it will make regrowth blunter and coarser, as the razor is only topping the surface of the hair not fully removing it from the follicle.
Applying perfume to pulse points will make it last longer.
True! Perfumes are made up of mostly alcohol. When alcohol is heated it will help release the fragrance, giving you a longer lasting scent. Your wrists and sides of your neck are the best places to apply perfume as the blood flows rapidly, heating the skin.
Pulling my split ends will get rid of them for good.
This is 100 % not true! Pulling and picking at split ends will only make them worse. The split will travel further up the hair follicle leaving you with a bigger problem than before you started. A total nightmare if you ask me! Get your hair professionally cut regularly.If you do cut your own hair, sharp scissors are essential!
Blackheads are a build-up of dirt underneath your skin.
This one is false. Blackheads are caused by skin cells and oil trying to reach the skins surface. When the two combine they form a barrier and appear black underneath the skin.  Using a cleaner or face wash with salicylic acid should help prevent and remove this pesky problem.
Beauty myths… Busted!

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