Six Friends We All Have


1 The Perfectionist

There’s always one super organised friend who is able to co-ordinate their work and personal life perfectly. They remember everyone’s birthday and still manage to be perfectly groomed with a tidy and clutter free house.  This friend may drive you mad with their constant need for perfection but there are numerous benefits to having a friend like this. You can guarantee this friend will organise excellent social outings and they’ll make sure everyone has a great time without trying too hard to make it fun. If you’re struggling to keep on top of work, school or life in general, thie perfectionist can help organise and co-ordinate all the issues you’re struggling with.

2 The One Who Has It All

This friend has it all! Amazing skin and hair, perfect white teeth, a personality to beat the band, they’re extremely intelligent and everyone loves to be around them. People flock around this person and love to see them coming and value their opinion. They’ll have a large social group of friends in return expanding your social circle. With endless talents and humility to top it all off, it’s hard not to love the one who has it all.

3 The Joker

Someone that can make you laugh after a bad day is a friend indeed. Whether you’re feeling down or in the middle of a serious conversation, someone with a carefree attitude and great sense of humour is just what you need. Granted when you’re the butt of their harmless joke it can be annoying but you’re more than likely not the only one they do it to. They may not take things as seriously as you’d like them to but having someone who can break the awkward silences, bring you back to earth and make you laugh at the same time is a friend everyone should have.  If you’re the Joker in your group, keep up the good work!

4 The One with the Right Answers

This amigo may be useless when it comes to trivial fashion or sport questions like, “Do these shoes match this outfit?” or “What is the offside rule anyway?”, but they  always have the right answers for life’s trickier questions.  They’re philosophical, able to calm you down in a crisis and if that crisis worsens they’ll be there for you with sound advice. The chances are they know you better than anyone else does. Their caring nature and trustworthy advice makes them a friend you can’t live without.

5 The One Looking for a Lucky Break

We all have a friend that tries and tries but lady luck is just not on his or her side. Be it waiting for a job call back, waiting for their big break, an overdue promotion, this friend is struggling. No one likes to see them struggle or continually be knocked back but their circumstances can make you appreciate what you have. The opportunity to help them out is always there and it’s all the better if they can rely on you for that help. Once they get their lucky break they’ll not forget the help you gave them.

6 The Successful Friend

It’s natural to be jealous of this friend from time to time. Usually this jealously is something trivial and fleeting. They have the dream job, amazing successful friends and plenty of money for whatever their heart desires. They’re able to make time for your friendship and they’re always there when you call. They’re continually expanding your ability to network effectively. They know the best of the best in their chosen field and won’t hesitate to call in a favour or two for you.  They work crazy long, tough hours and value your friendship. Who knows what kind of interesting people this friend could introduce you to or what could happen when you spend time with them. Their success may even rub off on you!

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