Expectation v Reality: Unrealistic Expectations Thanks to TV

If you haven’t watched The Hills, MTV Cribs, Keeping Up with the Kardashians or even Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex, without pining after designer shoes, ginormous luxury houses or an all expenses paid night out, I commend you!  Shopping all day with limitless funds or a luxury mansion that sleeps twenty four people and securely houses their cars is a completely unrealistic expectation of what adulthood holds in store.
Here are some of the (unrealistic) expectations that television have given us over the years…

Medical Staff

Medical Expectation Mc Steamy Mc Dreamy and Kate Beckinsale Nurse
Expectation: McSteamy, McDreamy, Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbour)
Reality: 99% of the time our local doctors and nurses are regular guys and girls like ourselves. Medical personnel are undoubtedly  sexualised on television. The reality can more often than not be older, greyer and fully clothed professionals.


Victoria Secrets Models and Bradley Cooper

Expectation: Victoria Secrets Models, Bradley Cooper
Reality: Trying to achieve and maintain a body as fierce as those mentioned above is extremely unrealistic. Sadly for us, the media dictates that looking like a Victoria Secrets Angel is completely normal and achievable.


 Expectation: MTV Cribs style 10,000 square foot home with 20 bed and bathrooms, luxury penthouse in central New York/ LA.
 Reality: No one lives like this unless you are OBSCEENLY wealthy! The cast and crew of The Hills have admitted that MTV purchased their luxury apartments and condos for the purpose of filming the show. Comfy cushions, some scented candles and pictures can make any dingy house feel like your dream home, you just may have to use your bath as your indoor swimming pool.


DreamJob Expectation
Expectation: Running into Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief of Vogue) at the Supermarket, becoming the next football or singing sensation.
Reality: If you have ever met Anna Wintour in the supermarket and bagged a job at Vogue I am extremely jealous! Chances are you will have to work your way through the ranks to achieve the success that Anna Wintour has.  No one gets handed their dream job in fashion, production, communications, without having to work hard for it. No footballer is put on the pitch without hard training sessions and 100% dedication to top fitness. Singing shows like the Xfactor have given younger viewers the impression that this is a quick route to fame, whether you can sing or not. Don’t give up on your dream job just remember we’re not all Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad!


Food Expectation

Expectation: Masterchef or Michelin Star style presentation
Reality: While I try my best to replicate the basic dishes on Masterchef like chocolate gnash cake or roast chicken, my recreations never live up to the professional creations. That said this is something to aspire to… I’ll have to keep trying!
What unrealistic expectations has television and the wider media given you?

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