Eiffel Tower Nail Stickers |BornPretty Review|

BornPretty Nail Stickers

BornPretty Nail Stickers

BornPretty Nail Stickers

Paris is by far my favourite city! Well, of all the cities I’ve visited… I loved the look of these Born Pretty Store Nostalgic Eiffel Tower Nail Stickers*. The packet contains 14 self adhesive stickers. Randomly enough though, upon closer inspection, two of these stickers include the Colosseum in Rome and Tower Bridge from London. Despite these two, three others include various perspectives of the Eiffel Tower and the final two are Paris themed.

To apply, select your desired sticker and remove the transparent cover. Align the bottom sticker to the top of your nail. Stick to your nail and shape accordingly. I used a nail file and a pair of scissors. To seal apply a clear coat of polish. I applied my stickers to my thumb and ring finger and paired them with BarryM ‘Almond’ polish on my index,middle and baby finger.

Sadly, I found these stickers quite hard to work with. I thought they were quite big for my nails. To make the most of the picture on the sticker your nails would have to be extremely long and wide. Mines are by no means short but they’re not overly long either. I would recommend using these on much longer nails to make the most of the design. These stickers did last well on my nails. Seeing as I have my hands in a lot of water I was impressed with the longevity and they didn’t chip.

I have reviewed other BornPretty nail art stickers before which I loved. I think the length and width of these stickers prevented me from making the most of them. If you want to try these for yourself or any other products from Born Pretty, for all vanessataaffe.wordpress.com there is a 10% discount code. At the checkout enter the code VSSW10 for the discount to apply.

Let me know if you have tried any of BornPrettyStore’s products and which ones you would recommend.

*This product was kindly sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Maybelline New Matte Maker Powder| Review|

Maybelline Matte Maker Powder

Maybelline Matte Maker Swatch

Maybelline Matte Maker Powder and Ecotools brush

A few months ago numerous beauty blogs expressed their sadness over the discontinuation of Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. Then along came Maybelline Matte Maker. This product has been much buzzed about online and naturally I had to try it to see what all the fuss was about. Being loyal to Rimmel Stay Matte powder since I began using makeup in my early teens, it was high time I tried another powder.

Until recently I had very oily skin, but this has taken a U-turn and I find myself battling drier skin than usual. However, I still need a powder to combat shine and set my makeup. I absolutely love the name of this product, I’m a fool for catchy alliteration! The packaging itself is nothing spectacular. A clear plastic tub with black base and outline on the lid. I know a lot of people criticise the Rimmel plastic packaging aswel, it is easily scratched and dirtied but for the money I don’t expect a mirror and puff. I’ll admit, I prefer the Maybelline packaging to Rimmel’s. The black trim is more appealing to that of the Rimmel packaging. However, the main thing is that the product is easily accessible.

As to the powder itself, I bought this in a serious rush during a whirlwind 5 minute visit to Boots in Belfast with my cousin. I didn’t realise that this product came in different shades, I took it for granted that it was an overall translucent powder.  I picked up the shade 30 Natural Beige. This wasn’t a total disaster, as I’m so fair skinned and pale, anything with the word beige in it is usually not for me. Thankfully this wasn’t as dark as the name suggests. I haven’t had a chance to check in person but according to the Maybelline website there are 4 other shades available, with Natural Beige being the second lightest.

This is a great mattifying powder. Despite not paying attention to the shade, I really like that the powder adds extra but light coverage and colour. It is light on the skin and  easy to carry around and store in your makeup-bag. Like all powders, it is easily applied, I like to use my Eco-Tools fluffy big powder brush. The Matte Maker won’t weight down your skin, cake or cling to  any dry patches.

You can find this product at any Maybelline stand for £3.99 or €5.99.

Closet Swap with Raise.com|Kate Middleton Inspired|

Regular readers of my blog will know I am minorly infatuated with Kate Middleton’s style. No matter what Kate wears she looks fabulous as her style is always simple, elegant and timeless. Everything you’d expect from the future Queen of England. When Raise.com contacted me and asked me to participate in their online closet swap*, transitioning from Spring to Summer fashion, I looked to Kate for inspiration. Raise.com is a new online platform where you can buy gift vouchers at a discounted price and sell your unused or unwanted gift cards. Raise.com is not available worldwide but I’m sure they’ll be expanding in the near future.

Sadly, the Irish summer weather is notoriously random and sunny days are sporadic. This drastically affects my fashion choices. While the bloggers and Instagrammers I follow are strutting their stuff in lovely sun dresses and summer clothes, I am still reaching for a jacket. This makes Kate the perfect inspiration as she loves her blazers and long sleeved tops. I have many similar signature Kate pieces in my wardrobe. The styles I have opted for are very casual yet still practical. A blazer is a perfect way to achieve a summer look. It can be taken off while the sun shines and thrown back on for the chillier evening. This is a very different post for me. Obviously (and sadly for me) I am nothing like Kate… you can’t blame a girl for trying though!

Look 1: Navy Blazer and Striped Top

Striped top with Blazer, Kate Middleton

Kate wore this Zara blazer twice during his trip to Australia and New Zealand. For more looks from this tour follow the links here, here and here. As pictured she wore it with a stripped top, navy jeans and LK Bennett navy wedges. The blazer I am wearing is also from Zara, about 6 or 7 years ago. It is nowhere near as sophisticated as Kate’s but it has tided me over well during the years. I paired mines with a similar striped t-shirt from Primark/Pennys, New Look jeans and Primark/Pennys replica LK Bennett wedges.

Striped top and navy blazer, navy wedges, Kate Middleton

Look 2: Navy Blazer and Gingham Shirt

Gingham Shirt, Navy Blazer, Navy wedges, Kate Middleton Replica

I loved this look when Kate wore it to a wine tasting. It is great for transitioning your wardrobe from Spring to Summer. Unlike Kate’s my shirt is short sleeved but the blazer over the top is a good option for those of you in a cooler climate like myself. The shirt I’m wearing is from Primark/Pennys as are my jeans and wedges. If wedges aren’t your thing a pair of Converse would be a good alternative.

Look 3: Stripped Long Sleeved Top and Pumps

Kate Casual Stripes

Kate has worn this look on numerous occasions. While my shoes are not an exact replica of Kate’s boat shoes they fit in with the overall theme of the look. These pumps or boat shoes like Kate’s are a great summer shoe, especially if you are on the beach or poolside. My stripped top is from H&M, as are my jeans.

Get your Own

Shirt and Blazer Combos

Above are some similar pieces and the actual Blazer Kate has, which I’m considering buying myself.

Top Row left to right: Navy Blazer: New Look here. Gingham Sleeveless Shirt: New Look here. Navy Blazer: H&M here. Bottom row left to right: Blue Sleeveless Shirt: H&M here. Navy Blazer: Zara [Kate’s Blazer] here. Striped Long sleeve top: New Look here 

Make sure to visit Raise.com if you’re interested in selling or buying some gift vouchers! Let me know your summer styles or summer style inspirations.


* I was kindly asked to participate in this campaign by Raise.com. I was not compensated for this post and all items of clothing are my own.

Coconut Macaroons |Recipe|

Coconut Macaroons, vanessataaffe.wordpress.com

I realised that my tag line is quite deceiving. Not intentionally, of course, but I am very slack on the ‘lifestyle’ aspect of vanessataaffe.wordpress.com. Despite a few posts about Paris and Wimbledon, they are few and far between.  So today I’m sharing a delicious tried and tested recipe for coconut macaroons.  I always hear people asking what the difference between macaroons and macarons are. A post on macrons can be found here, which are hard shelled and filled with a jammy/jelly filling, typically French and varying in flavours. Macaroons on the other hand are usually balls of coconutty deliciousness.

Coconut Macaroons on teastand, vanessataaffe.wordpress.com

When I found this recipe online it instantly reminded me of the Belfast Continental Christmas Market. Every year there is a lovely man from Holland who sells amazing macaroons! His macaroon stall is my favourite stall at the market. While this recipe is not as sophisticated, the result is delicious. It is especially tasty if you love coconut.

What you need

½ cup (3 oz) room temperature butter
¾ cup (6 oz) sugar
3 eggs
6 cups (400g) shredded / dessicated coconut
Jam, Lemon Curd or any condiment of your choice

Coconut Macaroons ingredients

Preheat your oven to 180c/ 350f. In a bowl with an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar together.

Butter and sugar

Add in the eggs one at a time until well beaten and mixed.

Beaten eggs butter and sugar

Once you’ve added the eggs mix in coconut with a spoon.

Mix in the coconut

At this point you will be left with a yellow-buttery mixture. On a baking sheet lined and greased drop scoops of the mixture. At first I used an icecream/potato scoop but it wasn’t doing the trick so I used a spoon. I found this was the most difficult step of the recipe. I varied between the spoon, scooper and my hands. Rolling the mixture into balls was the easiest and then, using the spoon or your fingers, make an indent for your filling.

Coconut macaroons cooled

Bake for 20-25 minutes. The macaroons should be golden brown with dark brown spots in places once they’re ready. Remove the tray from the oven and allow to cool before removing from the baking tray. Place on a wire rack to ensure the macaroons are completely cooled.

Cocnut Macaroons vanessataaffe.wordpress.com

Once cooled, add your jam or condiment of choice to the indention you made. I used raspberry jam and lemon curd. Alternatively you could use Nutella. Without a jam these are quite dry so make sure to pair them with a condiment of sorts.

Enjoy with tea, coffee and friends!

NSpa Lime and Coconut Exfoliators |Review|

NSpa Coconut and Lime Shower Scrubs

With the summer sunshine making rare appearances now and then many of us are contemplating getting our legs and arms out. This means exfoliating like mad to get rid of dull winter skin. If you like to cheat in the summer months with a tinted moisturiser or instant tan, exfoliation is a key step in your beauty routine. This is where NSpa exfoliators are here to help. Available exclusively from ASDA, these fruity shower scrubs are a great and cheap exfoliaitor. The shower scrub offers four fruity scents to choose from, Coconut, Vanilla,  Lime and Raspberry. I recently purchased the Lime and Coconut scrubs. These were on offer when I bought them at 2 for £4, which is still running. To buy outside of the offer they usually cost £3 each. Still a bargain in my eyes!

Nspa Showe Scrubs Coconut and Lime

Marketed as a daily refreshing scrub, these are definitely gentle enough for everyday use. I like to use them with exfolaiting gloves for extra smoothness. This method of application is less gentle on the skin but it is the best for removing ingrown hairs, tan and an all over serious buffing of the skin if you’re planning on applying tan. I have used both products on their own by rubbing them in-between my hands and then all over. They foam much the same way as when I use them with exfoliating gloves but is a much gentler method of application and probably ideal if you have sensitive or dry skin.

The Lime scrub smells so fresh and clean. It’s really zingy and zesty great for use in the morning as a ‘wake-me-up’. It is as you’d expect, a lime green colour with black seeds, a bit like frog spawn, as pictured below. The Coconut scrub smells amazing and won’t disappoint all you coconut lovers. A white gel with black passionfruit seeds. Once in contact with water these gels will foam enough to allow all over good coverage. I like to use a generous amount as I usually use this product all over my body.

NSpa Lime and Coconut Shower Scrubs, Swatches and Picture

Both squeezy bottles contain 225ml of product. I have been alternating between the two bottles and although both claim to leave a light scent on the skin once rinsed off I fail to notice it. These really do smell so amazing that they come with a warning on the tube. Sadly the amazing smells doesn’t translate to your skin after your shower or bath but when you use the product the scent is at its strongest. The NSpa range contains some great products, so far these scrubs are my favourite. They are a great option if you are on a budget or love using fruity products.

For more info visit nspa.co.uk or asda.com. I’d love to know if you have tried these or any other NSpa products!

Best Dressed May 2014

May is always an exciting month for fashion. The summer season trends are becoming more prevalent and prestigious summer events are kicking off to display these trends. The red carpet was rolled out once more for the annual Cannes Film Festival which brought glamour galore to the shores of France.The Met Gala in NYC saw a vast array of fashionable and whacky outfit to the most famous steps in New York. Of course, there were numerous parties and press calls to satisfy our couture appetite.

Cannes Film Festival Appearances 

Jessica Hart, Jordan Dunn, Jessica Chastain and Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Jessica Hart, Jordan Dunn, Jessica Chastain and Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Australian model Jessica Hart looked beachy beautiful in a soft pasel pink dress. The material of this dress looks amazing and Jessica makes it look comfy. Pairing down her hair and makeup, a look for these events I don’t usually like, Jessica makes it work. Model of the moment Jordan Dunn made me green with envy in this Ellie Sabb mini. Not a dress I would usually associate with Ellie Sabb, this embellished emerald green dress, cinched at the wait with a belt is a perfect option for the World Music Awards. The gold shoes finish off the look. Actress Jessica Chastain walked the redcarpet at Cannes to promote her latest film ‘Foxcatcher’. The purple Ellie Sabb Coture dress looked like a Grecian goddess and fairy princess combined as her dress blew in the wind along the carpet. Jessica never disappoints! Rosie Huntington-Whitely donned a bright yellow Emilio Pucci dress during her stay in Cannes. The model works a dress that I think many would struggle to.

Blake Lively, Cannes Redcarpet Queen

Blake Lively, Cannes Redcarpet Queen

Every year or redcarpet season there is a stand out. This year the title of Cannes best dressed lady goes to Blake Lively. Renowned for her impeccable self-styling, Blake stole the show at Cannes, attending the festival with husband Ryan Reynolds to promote his film ‘Captives’. Opening night of the festival at the ‘Grace of Monaco’ premier, Blake wore a blood red Gucci Première floor length gown. The dress featured a thigh skimming split and geometric neck. Blake accessorised with stunning Lorraine Schwartz jewellery and equally fab Casadei shoes. While I love this dress, Blake had her best ‘fashion moment’ attending the ‘Captives’ premier with Ryan. This is by far my favourite look of Blake’s and the month. The couple looked old school glamorous, both in Gucci. Wearing her hair in a massive but classy bun to the back of her head Blake styled the dress with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and a red lip. Taking a break from Gucci and the redcarpet Blake then wore a short white embellished Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 Couture number. Making her legs even longer, Blake donned  Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ sandals which I really, really, really want! The final look in this montage is of Blake in a Chanel Couture dress attending the ‘Mr Turner’ premier. Keeping her hair down in a messy curls Blake topped off her look with massive rings once again by Lorraine Schwartz.

Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith

Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith

Despite looking like he would rather not be there, Robert Pattinson attended Cannes photocall starring in two films featuring in the festival, ‘The Rover’ and ‘Maps to the Stars’. Robert wore a green blazer, with black shoes and top combined with denim jeans. I like this style on him as we don’t often see the actor too dressed up. Ryan Gosling made the carpet go crazy as he steeped out to promote his film ‘Lost River’ Ryan wore simple brown trousers and a white shirt with scuffed boots. Former DR Who, Matt Smith flew in for the event looking very French chic and preppy. I love his boat shoes and navy chino combo with light blue shirt and tweed jacket.

Quite all White

Katherine Mc Phee, Cate Blanchett, Miranda Kerr

Katherine Mc Phee, Cate Blanchett and Miranda Kerr

Actress and singer Katherine McPhee wore a white laced detailed dress last month attending a CBS television event. Katherine wore trendy white shoes and showed off her blonder, shorter hair, leaving it in messy curls. Oscar winner Cate Blanchett wore a white dress as she attended an event at Windsor castle. This is the perfect dress to attend to meet the future King of England. I loved the sculpted shoulder and the sophisticated hair. An Oscar winner worthy dress! Miranda Kerr, a regular on this list every month, wore a printed white and floral dress in Sydney promoting her Kora skincare range. The only fault I can find with this look are the shoes.

Jess Weixler, Jennifer Lawrence and Natasha Poly

Jess Weixler, Jennifer Lawrence and Natasha Poly

The Good Wife actress, Jess Weixler made waves on the redcarpet at Cannes in this flowing, soft white dress. I love the way this dress sits and the blue floral detailing on the neck. Jess matched her hair to the dress in a soft updo and added some bling with a diamond ring and earrings. Everyone’s favourite, Jennifer Lawrence made an appearance in Cannes wearing a short Dior shirt and crop top. Natasha Poly wore an amazing Vionnet dress. The plunging neckline and tight bodice make way for a floating skirt which on close inspection matches the material of the bodice.

Black Beauties 

Jessica Chastain, Cara Delevigne, Lily James and Nicki Minaj

Jessica Chastain, Cara Delevigne, Lily James and Nicki Minaj

Jessica Chastain features again this month because, let’s face it, she knows how to dress. I really like this black Givenchy dress. Sometimes black can be harsh on someone as pale as Jessica but the bodice detailing and the skirt on this dress are far from harsh. The soft hair added to the elegance of the overall look. Cara Delevinge and Lily James both wore black as they attended Windsor Castle. Cara wore a tight black dress with grey, almost floral detailing, on the bodice while Lily wore a grey feathered dress fading to black at the hips. Nicki Minaj is almost unreocgnisable these days. Pairing down her look, make-up and hair wise anyways, Nicki wore a black cut out dress at the Billboard Music Awards. I have to admit, I prefer this new look even though her facial expression suggests she isn’t too happy with it!

Kendal Jenner, Amal Alamuddin and Karlie Kloss

Kendall Jenner, Amal Alamuddin and Karlie Kloss

Kendall Jenner made her Cannes début in at the ‘Grace of Monaco’ première in a black and white Chanel Resort dress.  Wearing those Stuart Wiseman ‘nudist’ shoes that everyone wants in black the only fault is the hair. The 3D effect on the bodice of Kendall’s dress reminds me of the dress Isabel Lucas wore last month. A polished and well pulled off look by the 18 year old.  George Clooney’s finace Amal Alamuddin was papped in London laving the hairdressers during May. I love the class and elegance of this black and white look. The sophisticated combo of black and white is amped up with massive sunnies and the amazing hairdo! Exactly what I’d expect a lawyer engaged to George to look like. Karlie Kloss also wore black and white last month in NYC. I love the wrapped detail of the silk top!

The Met Gala

David and Victoria, Karolina Kurkova

David and Victoria, Karolina Kurkova

Every year fashion’s finest come out in droves to celebrate on the Met steps in NYC. David and Victoria walked up the steps together in matching outfits. Victoria in one of her own creations and David in Ralph Lauren. Super stylish! Karolina Kurkova wowed in a massive Marchesa gown. Usually, I’m surprised at myself for loving this gown as much as I do. I think the huge structured skirt and neckline is amazing and perfect for the occasion. the hair a jewellery is simple but effective. One of my favourite looks from this years Met!

Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, Selena Gomez

Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, Selena Gomez

Kendall and Cara feature again as their looks were too good to leave out. Kendall wore a Topshop dress at her first Met ball. I love that Kendall opted for an elegant hairdo to show off her dress. She has had a great ‘fashion’ month in my books. Cara also didn’t disappoint in a black and white. Selena Gomez, also making her Met début wore a gorgeous purple DVF gown with Lorrain Schwartz jewels. I wasn’t mad about her hair from the back but I’m sure many will be copying her classy make-up and hair.

Let me know who made your best dressed list from May!

Pretty Woman Fashion

I’m sure there is list somewhere ‘The Most Iconic Films from the 90s Films’.  I’m extra sure Pretty Woman is included in that list.  Released in 1990, the romantic comedy Pretty Woman sky-rocketed Julia Roberts to the height of fame. Her gorgeous curly red-brown hair, sassy attitude, lovable character and amazing outfits, captured everyone’s hearts.

The storyline of a high class business man falling for a prostitute turned out to be the perfect love story. While I could go on all day about the storyline, brilliant soundtrack and cast, it’s the clothes we’re all still talking about.

That Red Dress 

The iconic red opera dress

This stunning floor length gown that Vivian wore to the opera was truly spectacular. Everyone remembers those white gloves and the quarter of a million heart necklace that was ‘only on loan’.  The off-shoulder detailing is timeless and elegant, with a hair do to match.

Seeing Spots

Brown and white polka dot polo match dress

Brown and white polka dot polo match dress

I love, love, love this brown and white polka dot dress. It is my favourite outfit from the whole film! The dress is beautifully accessorised with a white hat, trimmed with the same material as the dress, white gloves and shoes and a large statement belt to add shape.  I wonder how many people have recreated this look at polo matches?

The Famous Blue and White Dress

Blue and White cut out dress

Blue and White cut out dress

Famous the world over, this cut out blue and white dress was used in numerous scenes throughout the film. When Edward picks up Vivian, when she goes shopping on Rodeo Drive and when she spends the night in the Beverly Wilshire. Styled with black leather knee high boots, a rather nice red coat with black trim and a white men’s shirt, this is one for the fashion history books.

The Black and White Dresses  

The white 'shopping' dress and the black cocktail number

The white ‘shopping’ dress and the black cocktail number

The quality of these pictures definitely do not do justice to these dresses. Vivian wore a white button down dress with black hat and, of course, white gloves, after shopping on Rodeo Drive. Carrying a small black handbag and loads of clothes, everyone remembers this as the ‘Big mistake…Huge!’ scene dress. To dine with Edward and his potential clients Vivian wore a black lace dress, choker and black gloves. Very classy!

If you haven’t seen the film yet I highly recommend it… for the fashion alone. It is superb! Let me know your favourite looks from the film too.

Best Dressed April 2014

Apologies! This post is soooo late. How and ever, April was a great month for celebrity fashion. America’s most famous music festival Coachella saw stars line out in droves to sing, bob and get papped in some boho-chic getups. The red carpets last month weren’t overly crowded but Australia provided some gowns to lust over at the Logie Awards. Speaking of Australia, Kate Middleton and Prince William provided us with ample looks on their tour of Oz which you can see here if you missed them. Of course, there were some casual strollers, airport hoppers and street styles last month too.


Paris and Nicki Hilton, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez

Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez at Coachella 2014

Socialite’s Paris and Nicky Hilton were spotted at the festival in California. Both sisters wore floaty, printed dresses. Paris wore festival flowers in her hair, while Nicky wore hers in a plait across her head and messy bun. Both opted for sandals and, of course, large sunglasses. Kendall Jenner sported numerous looks over the course of Coachella but this was one of my favourites. Kendall’s look was typically ‘festival’ and no doubt will be copied by many. Wearing gorgeous suede cowboy boots, she showed off her model legs in high waisted denim short shorts with hippy belt. On op, Kendall wore a white embellished crop top and a sleeveless cape cardigan. Her sister Kylie was picture with Selena Gomez wearing denim shorts and a long grey top which covered all but the pockets of her shorts with a pair of black ankle boots. My favourite accessory and big trend from the festival is definitely the brown suede hat. Selena also wore a brown hat with her look, a white sheer knitted floral cover up with white shorts, black bikini top and black DMs.

Logies 2014

Comando Steve and Michelle Bridges, Kassandra Clementi and Andrew Morley

TV Couples Comando Steve and Michelle Bridges, Kassandra Clementi and Andrew Morley, Logies 2014

The Aussie version of the UK TV Awards was an elegant affair at this years Logie red carpet. The Biggest Loser coaches and couple Comando Steve and Michelle Bridges took a night off from their gruelling training sessions to walk the carpet together. Steve wearing a classic tux with smoking slippers and Michelle wore a lovely off-white dress with a beautiful bodice. Home and Away hotties and real life couple Kassandra Clementi and Andrew Morley walked the red carpet together also.  Kassandra stunned in a gold lace gown while Andrew wore a grey three-piece suit with matching blue tie and checked shirt.

Shelley Craft, Rebecca Judd, Dannii Minogue

Shelley Craft, Rebecca Judd, Dannii Minogue, Logies 2014

Tv personality Shelley Craft wore a sheer nude full length dress with a beautiful pooling train and navy printed detailing on the toso, chest and shoulders. Model and presenter Rebecca Judd wore an interesting purple and lilac gown to the event. While I will admit there are a lot of different styles going on in this dress, Rebecca pulled it off well. If she dropped the belt it would have been perfect. Danni Minogue donned a metallic gown with a shocking side split and super high silver shoes!

Causal Chic

Emma Watson, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, Cara Santana

Emma Watson, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, Cara Santana

Actress Emma Watson was papped at JFK. Emma wore black skinny ripped jeans, black ankle boots, hat and top with sheer panel detailing. To lift all the black  she added a plum handbag. Style couple of the moment Olivia Palermo and fiancé Johannes Huebl took to the streets of NYC looking like they stepped off the pages of a magazine. Olivia wore all black, skinny jeans, sleeveless coat  and sheer top with black ‘eye’ pumps. Johannes was a little more colourful wearing cream chinos, desert boots, white shirt and light green jumper combo with a brown tweed bomber jacket. They’re too perfect for words! Cara Santana looked effortlessly stylish in LA. She wore light blue skinny jeans with a white top, caramel coloured leather jacket. She paired her look with a dark brown belt, t-bar heels and matching brown bag.

Red Carpet Premiers

Kate Upton, Elizabeth Banks, Cameron Diaz

Kate Upton, Elizabeth Banks, Cameron Diaz

Vogue cover girl, Kate Upton wore metallic D&G dress. to the premier of her latest film The Other Woman Kate matched her pointed shoes and kept her jewellery and hair simple. Elizabeth Banks looked lovely in a pink and black over-the knee Monique Lhuillier dress. Elizabeth was attending the Walk of Shame premier. Like Kate, she wore pointed toes heels in black to tie in with her outfit. Cameron Diaz, also attending the The Other Woman premier wore a nude and silver Emilio Pucci dress. There long sleeves and aztec-esque print is lovely on Cameron and she ties it all together with nude shoes.

White Wonders

Emma Stone, Kylie, Taylor Swift

Emma Stone, Kylie, Taylor Swift

Emma stone wore a white D&G lace number to attend The Amazing Spiderman premier. When i first saw this i thought it was too much white for Emma, as she is so pale, but i like the addition of black ankle strapped shoes and her forehead plait is a great way to breakup her paleness up top. Kylie Minogue looked fabulous in Roberto Cavalli as she walked the red carpet at the Logies 2014 in Australia. Kylie looks old school Hollywood in this dress and her side swept hair is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this dress, I love it! Taylor Swift also opted for white but paired it with a black skirt and shoes at the Academy of Country Music Awards, wearing J Mendel. Taylor wore her newly chopped hair in signature curls and kept her accessories minimal, a gold bracelet, black clutch and gold earrings.

Print, Floral and 3D

Miranda Kerr, Isabel Lucas, Lupita Nyong'o

Miranda Kerr, Isabel Lucas, Lupita Nyong’o

Model Miranda Kerr floated through the streets of Tokyo looking like a fairy-tale princess in a pink and white printed dress by Balenciaga. Miranda wore pink peep toed bow shoes to add to the girlyness of her look. Former Home and Away actress and model Isabel Lucas looked gorgeous in bright blue at the End Game premier in NYC. I love the 3D rouched effect on this dress and the floatiness of the skirt. Fashion girl and lovable It Girl, Luptia Nyong’o wore a white dress with printed blue flowers, not unlike the dress Kate Middlton also wore on tour in Australia. I love this look on Lupita and she finished her look with off white-silver shoes.  Very girly and fun for Spring/Summer.

Let me know your favourite look.

Happy 10th Birthday Mean Girls!


If the phrases, “You go Glen Coco”, “It’s October 3rd” and ” Is butter a carb?”, mean nothing to you then where have you been for the last 10 years?! Today, April 30th, Mean Girls celebrates its 10th birthday. After constantly quoting it through my teenage years and at least once a day at secondary school, this is undoubtedly my favourite film of all time. Below are some of my personal favourite (and best) quotes from the film.

It’s safe to say that everyone’s favourite dumb blonde, Karen, has left us with some memorable quotes. Her best include…




God Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white!

Remember this girl obsessed with Regina/Cady…


And then this girl that had some serious issues but possible the best lines from the film…


Lines which in turn produced the second most quoted line from the film…


Yo, yo, yo, allll youuuu….Safe to say, they don’t make matheletes like Kevin G anymore!


Of course, they don’t make mother’s like Mrs George either.



Don’t deny it, you love, love, to hate Regina George.





The most famous name from the film and we don’t even know what he looks like. Poor Glen Coco


Thanks to Gretchen Weiners for teaching us all the rules of feminism


I always felt sorry for this fella…


Don’t forget, It’s a Wednesday so….


Let me know your favourite Mean Girls quote!

Style: Kate Middleton Royal Tour Week 3 and Favourites

Kate Middleton wearing Lela Rose

Kate Middleton wearing Lela Rose

It’s been a whirlwind tour of Australia and New Zealand for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The couple began their last week with a state visit to the Yarralumla House of Parliment. Kate wore a stunning white Lela Rose dress to mark the occasion. The crocheted sleeves and faux-peplum crochet add some interest to the dress. Accessories wise, Kate wore her blue engagement ring, a sparkling bracelet and watch. To finish the look Kate wore her hair in a low chignon and matched her shoes and clutch.

Catherine Walk green coat-dress

Catherine Walk green coat-dress

On the couple’s next visit to Australia’s Houses of Parliament, this time Canberra, Kate wore a green Catherine Walk coat dress. Green has been a favourite of Kate’s over the Royal Tour. I have to admit I found this one particularly bright and not  overly well styled. A neat updo or half-updo would have suited Kates hair better with this dress as the neckline is so high.

Kate wearing Michael Kors

Kate wearing Michael Kors

As part of their final engagements, the Royal Couple celebrated Anzac Day, a day of national remembrance for those who served in Wars or conflicts for Australia and New Zealand. To mark the occasion Kate donned a beautiful Michael Kors Coat from his Spring collection. The full skirted navy/indigo and white coat was paired with a navy fascinator which sat on-top of Kate’s quite curly hair.

The Royal couple wave goodbye with Prince George

The Royal couple wave goodbye with Prince George

Later in the afternoon the couple, along with Prince George , Kate removed her fascinator as she boarded the plane back to England.

Favourite Looks from the Tour

Favourite Royal Tour Outfits

L-R. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. The yellow Roksanda Ilincic dress is bang on trend for Spring and Summer. Kate carried off the look to perfection with nude heels and a chic hairdo.

2. I am in love with this Taupe Roksanda Ilincic dress Kate wore stepping off the plane in Uluru!!

3. Another big trend for Spring/Summer, Blue and white floral Combos. This LK Bennett dress is high on my wishlist… or something similar! I love the longer sleeves and navy heels.

4. Kate wore another British favourite, Alexander Mc Queen, on Easter Sunday. Pastel blue looks lovely on Kate, although what doesn’t? The head piece adds even more class to the outfit.

5. The casual Zara blazer is fast becoming synonymous with Kate. I loved that on this occasion she styled her signature look with a gingham shirt instead of the typical striped shirt.

Let me know which look you liked the best from the Royal Tour 2014!

Style: Kate Middleton Royal Tour Week 2

It’s week two of the Royal Tour and this week Kate, William and George have taken Australia by storm. Here’s a round-up of all the fashion from the last seven days of ‘Cambridge Mania’.

The Cambridge's arrive in Canberra Australia.

The Cambridge’s arrive in Canberra Australia.

Above  see’s the family arriving at Canberra airport to begin their Australian leg of the Royal tour. Kate wore a cobalt blue Stella Mc Cartney dress while George and William co-ordinated in their respective blue and navy ensembles.

The family pictured in Sydney

The family pictured in Sydney

Kate looked lovely in a yellow Roksanda Ilincic dress and nude heels as the family landed in Kingsfort airport, Sydney. Prince George wore a white combo with sailing boats on the chest, while William wore a navy suit and red tie.

Kate and William in front of Sydney Bridge

Kate and William in front of Sydney Bridge

Later that day, the couple left Prince George behind to visit the Sydney Bridge. Here we see Kate with a gold clutch and matching watch.

Kate at Manly beach

Kate and William at Manly beach, Kate does her best Baywatch impression

Later in the week, Kate wore a white Zimmerman dress with light brown wedges as she and William visited Manly Beach. Later in the day the couple watched sheep sheering  and visited sick children. The British press had a field day when they captured Kate running along the beach Baywatch Style.

Kate wearing her second Zimmerman dress at Taronga Zoo

Kate wearing her second Zimmerman dress at Taronga Zoo

Kate wore her second Zimmerman eyelet dress of the Royal Tour as she attended Taronga Zoo with William and George.  Kate kept her accessories to a bare minimum, wearing her hair in a much more casual semi-straight do and cork wedges.

Wearing LK Bennett

Wearing LK Bennett

Wearing British designer, LK Bennett, Kate looked regal in blue wedges and and floral printed white and blue dress as she landed at the Royal Airforce Base in Amberly. This look and pattern is extremely popular this Spring, with numerous fashion houses and highstreet shops selling similar blue and white floral printed blazers and dresses. Kate wore her hair in a half updo and carried a cute blue clutch, another favourite look of mine so far from this Royal Tour.

Easter Sunday at St Andrew's

Easter Sunday at St Andrew’s

On Easter Sunday Kate and William attended and Easter service at St Andrew’s Church. Kate wore British designer Alexander Mc Queen and a Jane Taylor hat. I love this look! The pastel blue is stunning and the hat is super elegant.


Kate and William at the Blue Mountains

Kate and William at the Blue Mountains

Wearing printed blue and white again, Kate’s DVF wrap dress has already sold out. The couple were visiting the Blue Mpountains. William wore light blue jeans, brown shoes and  a simple blue blazer and shirt. Matching as always! I also love Kate’s navy blue cork wedges which we get a good view of in this picture.

Arriving in Uluru

Arriving in Uluru

The couple were pictured once again on the steps of an airplane looking fresh as a daisy. Kate looked gorgeous in another Roksanda Ilincic taupe dress. She styles this with nude heels, a gold necklace and drop earrings.

Kate and William Pictured at Ayers Rock

Kate and William Pictured at Ayers Rock

The couple visited Ayers Rock, one of Australia’s famous landmarks. Kate is seen wearing a Hobbs dress, which will no dounbt sell out within the next few hours, with her reliable nude heels.

Catchup on last week’s Royal Tour outfits here if you missed any.


Style: Kate Middleton Royal Tour Week 1

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive with Prince George in New Zealand

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive with Prince George in New Zealand

Kate and William’s Royal Tour kicked off in extreme style as predicted in New Zealand last week. Their best accessory…? Baby George!  The Cambridge’s touched down in New Zealand Monday 7th April. Kate wore a red buttoned Catherine Walker coat with a matching red Gina Foster pillbox hat. Prince George looked super, super cute in a cream shorts and jumper ensemble, while William wore a navy suit, shirt and maroon tie.

Kate and William before their boat race

Kate’s preppy nautical chic

At the Whenuapai Air Base, Kate wore what has become her ‘signature Kate look’, wearing a Zara double-breasted blazer, Me + Em Breton shirt and navy J Brand skinnies with trademark wedges from Russell & Bromley.

Kate wearing  a blue Emilia Wickstead dress

Kate wearing a blue Emilia Wickstead dress

Visiting the city of Dunedin, Kate wore a blue/ aquamarine Emilia Wickstead dress. She paired the pleated, long sleeved dress with a matching Jane Taylor hat and fern broach. One of my favourite Kate looks of the tour so far.

Kate and a member of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team

Kate and a member of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team

Later the same day Kate changed into a pair of  skinny jeans and a cosy Jonathan Saunders Jumper, as the NZ All Blacks rubbed shoulders with the Royals.

Wearing a Zara Blazer and gingham shirt at Am Vineyard

Wearing a Zara Blazer and gingham shirt at Amisfield Vineyard

Kate rewore her J Brand jeans and Zara wedges to the Amisfield Vineyard. This time Kate styled the look with a gingham shirt.

Black Jenny Packham dress

Kate wearing a black Jenny Packham dress, Wllington NZ

On day four of the tour, Kate wore a black custom made Jenny Packham dress as she attended an official unveiling of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth in Wellington. Wearing her hair in her signature loose end curls, Kate also kept her jewellery and shoes simple and sophisticated.

Kate in Alexander Mc Queen

Kate in Alexander Mc Queen

Dodging the rain in extreme style, Kate donned a blue Alexander Mc Queen coat. For a change, The Duchess wore her hair tied back in an elegant ponytail. To tie the look together Kate matched her navy handbag with her navy shoes.

Gorgeous in Green

Gorgeous in Green

On day 6 of the tour, Kate took a break from her blues and navys and wore a stylish green Erdem coat, styled with her black heels and a poppy broach (not visable in this picture). Again, Kate wore her hair down in her signature curls.

Kate wearing sold out Tory Burch with Prince George

Kate wearing sold out Tory Burch with Prince George

On Prince George’s second New Zealand outing, Kate wore a  printed Tory Burch dress. The ‘Kate effect’ strikes again as this dress has completely sold out. Wearing  her black pumps, she carried George who wore cute navy dungarees with a sailing boat emblazoned on the chest.

Here’s to another great week of style to look forward to on the Royal Tour!


Believe The Hype: Bioderma Ceraline H20


You’ve watched one hundred and one beauty videos and read as many blog posts raving about the French pharmacy wonder that is Bioderma. I can confirm that, yes, it is worth the hype!

To be more specific Bioderma Sensibio H2O water or, micellar solution, is worth the hype. The facial water favoured by numerous makeup artists, beauticians and bloggers prectically sells itself nowawdays. I first came across the ‘magic water’ on Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel. If a product gets high praise from Lisa, you know it’s good!  I picked up two mini 100ml travel sized bottles on a recent trip to Paris. These were the only two mini bottles to be found within a 10 mile radius, I scoured high and low. I was only travelling with hand luggage so sadly I couldn’t bring anything bigger than 100mls home. My heart broke even more when I saw a vending machine built into the wall of the pharmacy across the road from my hotel. There were two massive 500ml bottle for an incredible €15 inside. The 100mls I bought were €4.90 each. I expected this product to be much more expensive, so the price is an added bonus.

BiodermaBioderma is famed for it’s gentleness and rightly so. Gentle though it may be, it is tough enough to remove waterproof mascara and long lasting foundation. Certain waterproof mascaras will require an extra bit of product and time if they are particularly tough to remove.  If you are removing a full face of makeup I’d advise using this as a pre or post cleanser. I’m used to washing off my makeup with a gel or cream cleanser so using a product on a cotton pad to remove makeup is still a bit odd to me.


There is no residue with Bioderma and it is gentle enough to use twice a day. There is no scent or perfume at all , which is great if you have very sensitive skin. In terms of value for money, a little goes a long way with Bioderma. The exception being tougher waterproof mascaras. Usually only available directly from France, Bioderma is now available from several online sites. These sites deliver all over the world but I can’t personally voucher for any of them… yet! Some offer free delivery on orders over £30 so make sure you shop around for the best value.

Overall verdict

Hype: Bioderma Sensibio H2O, most definitely lives up to it’s name and reputation.

Cost: It is great value for money and reasonably priced.

Availability: It is difficult to find, but it is worth the hassle.

Rating: 9/10

For more info see Bioderma Website

Best Dressed March 2014

The first month of Spring brought shorter hem lines, loads of floral prints and brighter colours. After a busy Awards season there were fewer red carpet appearances than usual last month. Most of the best dressed celebs were either attending luncheons, press junkets, movie premiers, clothing line launches or jetting in and out of the country.


Kiernan Shipka, Eva Mendez and Michelle Keegan

Kiernan Shipka, Eva Mendez and Michelle Keegan

Fifteen year old actress Kiernan Shipka is already fast becoming a style icon! Attending the Paleyfest, Kiernan wore a printed Dolce and Gabbana dress. I love the style and shape of this dress aswel as the pretty gold shoes. Ten out of ten from me! Eva Mendez wore one of her own printed creations as she launched her clothing line in NYC last month. The blue and white subtle floral print is finished off nicely with sparkly gold heels. Actress Michelle Keegan displayed a serious tan as she attended the Vital Publicity event. Also wearing a subtle floral turquoise and white jumpsuit, Michelle accentuated her tan with white nails and white clunky shoes.


Keira Knightly, Renae Ayris and Rihanna

Keira Knightly, Renae Ayris and Rihanna

Keira Knightley  wore Chanel as she attended the French fashion brand’s shopping themed show in Paris.  While the British press dubbed this as a “wasp dress”, I think Keira looks like the epitome of the ‘Chanel Girl’. The black and white number is classically Chanel and the tie detailing on the collar is a nod to Karl Lagerfeld. Rihanna also attended the event in Paris. Wearing a gorgeous lilac tweed number, she is the first celeb to don a pair of Chanel runners on the red carpet.  Former Miss Australia Renae Ayris looked lovely in Sydney as she attended the  Nespresso Inissia launch in a sequenced top and high waisted skirt combo. There is something casual yet glam about this look which Renae pulls off well.

The Vampire Diaries Chicas 

Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin and Nina Dobrev

Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin and Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals cast members looked great at ParleyFest. Claire Holt wore a black and white floral jumpsuit with pointed nude shoes.  Phoebe Tonkin wore a girly Spanish inspired black off the shoulder dress which she acessorised with a black belt and Nina Dobrev wore a navy studded dress to the event. The only problem I have with Nina’s dress is its length. If this was an inch shorter it would look much more glamorous.

Casual Fellas 

Jude Law, Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham

Jude Law, Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham

Jude Law looked classic-casual as he landed in JFK. Wearing black boots, light blue denim jeans and a black sheepskin jacket with a grey hoodie. Ryan Reynolds was papped leaving the set of Blake Lively’s new film, wearing combat trousers, a grey t-shirt and denim jacket. David Beckham was pictured leaving Rio airport looking his usual stylish self. David looked sleek in black skinny jeans, leather jacket, t-shirt and his trademark peak cap.

Stylish Couples 

Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo, Gisele Bunchen and Tom Brady

Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo, Gisele Bunchen and Tom Brady

Fashionistas Olivia Palermo and fiance Johannes Huebl attended the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week. Olivia wore a printed floral jacket with green short-shorts. Johannes looked sharp by her side in an overcoat with pocket square and shirt and tie. What a stylish couple! Tom and Gisele looked ‘Springy’  as they left the christening of their youngest  child, Vivian . Gisele wore 3/4 length white floral printed  trousers with red shoes, white t-shirt and blazer. (I saw an identical pair of trousers available in Warehouse but sadly I can’t find the link.) Tom looked smart in a navy suit with light blue checked shirt, tie and a pocket square to complete the look.

Shailene Woodley 

Shailene Woodley in NYC and LA

Shailene Woodley in NYC and LA

Actress of the moment Shailene Woodley wore some gorgeous numbers during March as she attended various premiers for her new film Divergent. Shailene looked fab wearing a black Ellie Sabb one piece in New York. The cut out sheer printed panel and structured detailing at the top bring this onsie from boring to interesting. In La, Shailene wore an orange Jonathan Saunders mini dress at she attended the 51st Annual Publicists Awards Luncheon. This look is altogether very chic and elegant. I love, love,  her gold shoes which  add to some interest to the overall look. Shailene wore another Ellie Sabb number, this time a gorgeous bronze full length draped dress to the LA Divergent premier. I really like the detailing and slit on this dress although I think the very gold shoes are a bit of a clash. A look which would have fitted in with any we saw on the Oscars red carpet.

Elegant Ladies

Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Middleton

Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Middleton

Naomi Watts wore a maxi Michael Kors dress to promote her film, Diana. I love the colour of this dress ,  the rouching and cut out detailing. The floral print is bang on trend and the red clutch adds a mix of colour to her outfit.  Pregnant Scarlett Johansson added some fun to her red Vivienne Westwood dress with leopard print pointed heels. Scarlett matched her lip to her dress as she walked the blue carpet at the Captain America London premier. Kate Middleton celebrated St Patrick’s Day in style. Wearing a gorgeous green Hobbs coat, matching shoes and a gorgeous Gina Foster fascinator, Kate looked every inch the style Queen we know her to be.

Out and About 

Jordan Dunn, Naya Rivera and Christine Bleakley

Jordan Dunn, Naya Rivera and Christine Bleakley

Model Jordan Dunn wore Burberry and Topshop combo as she left the Good Morning America studios in NYC. Ambassador for both brands Jordan looks runway ready ever. Actress Naya Rivera looked vampy as she walked the press carpet for the Glee 100th episode in a black sheer panel and below the knee number. TV Presenter Christine Bleakley was spotted leaving a restaurant in London last month. A typically casual outfit – jacket, jeans boots and scarf- Christine manages to make it all simple, chic and fashionable. I love the printed scarf and Prada tote.

Dressy Ladies

Michelle Dockery, Rosie Huntington Whitley and Miranda Kerr

Michelle Dockery, Rosie Huntington Whitley and Miranda Kerr

Michelle Dockery wore a beautiful blue and black Oscar de la Renta gown as she attended the Changing Faces Gala Dinner in London. The  style of this dress is so timeless as is the gold belted detailing, Michelle looks regal! Model Rosie Huntington Whitley showed off her amazing legs as she left the Vogue Festival. Rosie looked like she just stepped off the catwalk with her sunglasses, perfect hair and handbag. I love the light grey colour of her dress and the keyhole cut out. The pastel pink coat thrown over her shoulders is the perfect colour for spring and adds some extra glamour, as if Rosie need it! Fellow model Miranda Kerr also looked runway ready as she was papped in New York. In a floral Dolce and Gabbana floral print dress,  Miranda also wore a black jacket over her shoulders to keep off the NYC chill. Super Chic as always.

Let me know who your best dressed was!

Happy Mother’s Day! 5 of TV and Film’s Best Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in Ireland and the UK! Whether you’re spending the day with your Mammy, Granny, Sister or not celebrating one of Hallmark’s many holidays,today is a day for celebrating Mothers in general. For the day that’s in it, here are some of the best Mammys on TV and from Film.

Mrs Weasley, Harry Potter

Julie Walters as Mrs Weasley, Harry Potter

Julie Walters as Mrs Weasley, Harry Potter

Would Harry have found platform 9 and 3/4 without Mrs Weasley? In my eyes, Mrs Weasley is the perfect mammy. Tough but fair, Mrs Weasley is strict enough to make sure the Weasley children don’t overstep the line but she is loving, fierce and will go above and beyond for her kids. Awwhh!


Marge Simpson, The Simpsons


This blue haired lady has a lot to deal with in the form of Bart and Homer Simpson. Her squeeky high voice and constant worrying and love make her a great TV Mammy.

Mrs George, Mean Girls

Amy Poehler as Mrs George, Mean Girls.

Amy Poehler as Mrs George, Mean Girls.

“I’m not like a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom”. Need I add any more?

Rayna James, Nashville

Connie Britton as Rayna James, Nashville.

Connie Britton as Rayna James, Nashville.

Nashville Momma Rayna James manages to balance her time as a country music superstar and being mother to two girls. An empowering female figure and role model, Rayna is also a great mother as (you guessed it) her children always come first.

Countess Grantham, Downton Abbey 

Maggie Smith as the Countess of Grantham

Maggie Smith as the Countess of Grantham

Everyone’s favourite blueblooded Mother/Granny, Violet Crawley embodies many forgotten traditional beliefs and parenting practices. While some of these are best forgotten, at heart Violet is still a great mother.

Let me know your favourite TV or Film Mother!

They’re Worth It! Zoe Saldana Joins the Many Faces of L’Oreal Paris

Zoe Saldana is the latest in a long line of celebrity beauties to join forces with L’Oreal Paris.

Zoe Saldana has been named as L'Oreal Paris' Latest Spokesmodel

Zoe Saldana has been named as L’Oreal Paris’ Latest Spokesperson

The Avatar and Star Trek actress is set to join a long list of gorgeous ladies to represent the cosmetics brand. Saldana spoke to E!News gushing,  “As a L’Oréal Paris spokesperson, being able to say, ‘We’re worth it,’ means so much to me… I am thrilled to join this beauty journey with such an inspirational brand.” I Can’t wait to see the campaign. Until then, here is a look at some of the brands previous spokespeople and their campaigns.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively L'Oreal Paris

Blake Lively L’Oreal Paris

Blake Lively can do no wrong in my books.  I feel like Blake is a brilliant (also new) addition to the L’Oreal team! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she is a great role model, actress and down-to-earth girl.

Eva Longoria 

Eva Longoria L'Oreal Paris

Eva Longoria L’Oreal Paris

Actress Eva Longoria has been a brand ambassador for L’Oreal for quite some time. Mascara, foundation, lipstick, shampoo, you name it, Eva’s made it look incredibly desirable.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore L'Oreal Paris

Julianne Moore L’Oreal Paris

Julianne Moore is bringing some pale perfection to L’Oreal. Moore looks fresh as a daisy in her latest campaign…I’d imagine I’m not the only one wishing I’ll look half as good when I hit 53!

Julianna Marguiles 

Julianna Margulies L'Oreal Paris

Julianna Margulies L’Oreal Paris

Julianna Margulies  is also one of L’Oreal’s ‘older’ ambassadors, although I say that with caution as 47 is by no means old. The actress can be seen looking fab onscreen and offscreen for the brand.


Beyonce L'Oreal Paris

Beyonce L’Oreal Paris

When does Beyonce not look amazing? The superstar’s campaign caused some controversy a few years ago after the brand were accused of whitening B’s skin. While Beyonce has not been seen onscreen or in print for the brand recently her campaign was one of my favourites.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole L'Oreal

Cheryl Cole L’Oreal

After an absence from the X Factor judging panel, Cheryl could be seen hair whippin-and-a-flippin’ for L’Oreal. Now that she is back on the X Factor , I don’t doubt that Cheryl will be debuting a new ad to run during the X Factor ad breaks when the show returns… if only to rub it in Simon’s face!

For more famous spokespersons  vist http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/spokespersons.aspx


6 Spring Trends for 2014

Spring is finally here! While the Irish weather is as unpredictable as always, the daffodils and buds on the trees assure me that it has arrived. With each the new season comes an array of new fashion and beauty trends.  Here are my six favourite trends.

Print and Floral 

Alberta Ferretti Spring Floral runway looks and Primark Bomber Jacket, £15.

Alberta Ferretti Spring Floral runway looks and Primark Bomber Jacket, £15.

Graphic floral blooms were heavily featured on the Mulberry and Christopher Kane runways at London Fashion Week. Italian designer, Alberta Ferretti displayed an incredible line of simple, white girly dresses with minimal floral appliques. Primark, which is now available on ASOS.com, already have numerous similar styles for sale at a fraction of the cost. If floral is not your style, Aztec is another print trend for spring. A pair of River Island or Miss Selfridge Aztec leggings with a plain block top is the best way to go when it comes to Aztec.


Burberry S/S 14 Pastel looks and L'Oreal Colour Riche Pastel Nail Polishes.

Burberry S/S 14 Pastel looks and L’Oreal Colour Riche Pastel Nail Polishes.

Lilac, purple, powder blue and yellow hues were dominant on the Topshop Unique, Burberry, Matthew Williamson, and Versace runways. If you aren’t brave enough to wear the graphic floral prints next season, pastel colours are a great alternative. They’re soft girly and perfect for spring. Instead of head to toe pastels, pair pastel pinks, mints or blues with crisp white, cream or brown. A pastel cardigan with a white t-shirt and denim jeans is the best way to incorporate this trend to your spring wardrobe. The Topshop Unique collection will be available to buy later this year online and in store if you want an actual piece from the runway. Pastels nail polishes are a huge trend this year already. My personal faves include any from the Barry M Jelly Collection. L’Oreal also have an extensive range of pretty pastels this year too. All available at your local Boots or Superdrug.


L-R, Burberry pastel embellished skirt combo, Dolce and Gabbana embellished florals, Burberry embelished skirt and Dolce and Gabbana belted and embellished dress.

L-R, Burberry pastel embellished skirt combo, Dolce and Gabbana embellished florals, Burberry embelished skirt and Dolce and Gabbana belted and embellished dress.

Burberry displayed heavily embellished looks at London Fashion Week, which the Highstreet will be quick to follow. To incorporate embellishments to your spring and summer outfits, opt for subtly. The Burberry S/S 14 line had embellished belts and skirts, keeping the rest simple. To keep costs low try updating accessories you already have with jewels and studs from craft shops.


L-R, Floral Monochrome at Ralph Lauren, subtle Ralph Lauren monochrome and Burberry printed monochrome

L-R, Floral Monochrome at Ralph Lauren, subtle Ralph Lauren monochrome and Burberry printed monochrome

Classic black and white was heavily favoured on the catwalk by Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Fendi. Many of the designers opted to keep it chic with alternating black and white tailored trousers and blazers. To add some variety to this look, follow in D&G’s footsteps and opt for monochrome polka dots. Boohoo.com and New Look have an extensive range of monochrome to match any budget.

An Orange Lip

Kate Bosworth wearing an Orange lip and a model from the runway sporting the trend.

Kate Bosworth wearing an Orange lip and a model from the runway sporting the trend.

I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone but this trend is huge this season. From bloggers to the runways, the orange lip is taking over. Not a trend I’ll personally be sporting but when done correctly it looks great.

 Rounded Sunglasses   

Tori Birch, Burberry, Prada and Ralph Lauren rounded sunglasses.

Tori Birch, Burberry,  and Ralph Lauren rounded sunglasses.

Keep your eyes protected with rounded sixties style shades for the upcoming season like those displayed on the Ralph Lauren , Tori Birch and Burberry models. How very Jackie O!

Let me know your favourite look for Spring 2014!


Beauty Edit: Travel Sized Cosmetics

Travel Sized Cosmetics Collection

Travel Sized Cosmetics Collection

If you’re planning a weekend getaway, a week holidaying in the sun, or an over night at a friends house, nothing is handier than having a pre packed a cosmetics bag that’s ready to rock’n’roll. Many of the products I’ve mentioned below are available from your local Boots, Superdrug or ASDA. Keep an eye out for special offers, especially in ASDA where most of their travel sized goodies are 3 for £3, a compete bargain. All of the products mentioned below are under 100mls or 100mls on the nose so they are suitable for hand luggage if you are catching a flight.

Hair Care

The TRESmme Luxurious Moisture shampoo is designed specifically for dry or damaged hair. The formula is thick and works well to cleanse the hair. As you might expect from the name, it is moisture heavy so not the best for those of you that have oiler hair. For conditioner, I recently bought the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture and Shine conditioner. I had never used this product before, and as you might expect it smells amazing! I’m a sucker for anything with coconut… Again, the formula is thick and creamy which is excellent for those of you with dry and split ends. It leaves hair soft and smelling fantastic. Next in the lineup is a mini Batiste dry shampoo. I use the Tropical scented one but there are so many different scents to chose from and different versions of this product for darker and lighter hair. I can’t survive without this product on a weekly basis, I have two of the larger bottle on hand at all times. I find that with this scent I don’t get sick of it compared to some of the other scents I tried. A mini dry shampoo is an essential, especially if you’re going on a short stay to a city and want to cram loads in and haven’t time to wash your hair every morning.

Skin Care

I’m a big fan of the Simple skincare range. I use their products on a daily basis in my normal skincare routines so it made sense for me to include them in my mini cosmetics stash. As a facewash/cleanser I use the Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. As with all of Simple’s skin care their products are chemical free and scent free, great for sensitive skin but tough enough to remove makeup. I also use the Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. The only negative I have regarding this moisturiser is that it wasn’t rich enough. I brought this with me to Paris in January, combining the cold Paris air, false indoor heating and aircon/heat on the plane, the product wasn’t strong enough to repair the serious dryness I developed whilst I was away. So while this is a great product I wouldn’t recommend it totally if you have very dry skin as I found it wasn’t as rich and moisturising as suggested.  For eyemakeup remover, I’ve included a mini Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Eye Makeup Remover. I think I got this product free in a set one Christmas when I bought a Doll Eye’s mascara. The formula isn’t overly oily, as the name suggests, but it manages to remove all traces of waterproof mascara and eyeliner without being harsh on your skin.It is also suitable for sensitive eyes. A little goes a long way with this product, which I love, so thumbs up for that Lancome.

Body Care

Included is the Dove Go Fresh deodorant in pomegranate and lemon verbena scent. This is a spray on deodorant which smells unreal. Personally I prefer the energising grapefruit and lemon grass scent, but they had no minis of it available. This product leaves underarms feeling so smooth after a few uses. I really noticed a difference in my underarm appearance after using this product. A word of caution though,  the cucumber and green tea scent goes on very cakey compared to the rest of the products in this range. I found that if I over spray it, it will clump and leave marks on my clothes. The other two don’t do this so it might be something to do with the formula. Either way I really like this deodorant and use it on an everyday basis.

I realise that the body care is a bit lacking in this collection. I need to replace my mini Dove body washes and find a suitable body moisturiser. Whilst I was in France I used my friends Soap and Glory products, which I liked but I can’t say much about because I only used them for a few days.

I’d love to hear your suggestions, thoughts and opinions on any of the products mentioned (or not mentioned) in the comments below!

The Oscars 2014 Fashion Recap

Better late than never! After some technical issues (fancy cover-up speak for a broken laptop), I’ve finally complied my favourite red carpet looks from The 86th Annual Academy Awards.

Best Actress Winner Cate Balnchett wearing Armani Prive

Best Actress Winner Cate Balnchett wearing Armani Prive

Cate pulled out all the fashion stops on  the red carpet in this embellished Armani Prive dress. The gorgeous gown included capped sleeves, a high neck line, fitted waist and a flowing skirt. I think this is possibly one of the best red carpet  looks of the 2014 Awards Season. The simple retro waves, statement earnings tie and natural makeup bring the look effortlessly together, giving it an old Hollywood glam vibe. The perfect gown to be immortalised in when looking back at her win.

Lupita Nyong'o wearing Prada

Lupita Nyong’o wearing Prada

Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o stunned on the red carpet in a baby blue Cinderella worthy, Prada gown. The simplicity of this dress is ultimately what makes it so timeless and chic. Lupita also kept her accessories to a minimum. The most notable, and talked about, was her cute hair band. I’ve included a picture below that I feel shows this dreamy, princess quality of this dress. A perfect ending to an unbelievable run of dresses for Luptia. I can’t wait to see what she will wear next.


Angelina Jolie in Ellie Sabb

Angelina Jolie in Ellie Sabb

Looking much like the iconic golden statues, Angelina Jolie looked breathtakingly beautiful in gold Ellie Sabb. The sheer nude base with sequence appliqué is so on trend for 2014. Angelina brought it to another level of sophistication and elegance. Her swept back hair and subtle smoky eye, allowed her giant diamond earrings to shine without detracting the her magnificent dress.

Amy Adams wearing Gucci

Amy Adams wearing Gucci

Nominee Amy Adams, wore a navy Gucci gown to walk the red carpet. Many fashion critics have slammed Amy for wearing this simple, skulpted gown but I quite like it. I think the colour is great on her and it is tailored to perfection. Maybe a necklace or a softer hair style would have taken this dress to the fashion level everyone expects from Amy. Overall though, a great red carpet dress.

Kate Hudson wearing Atelier Versace

Kate Hudson wearing Atelier Versace

Kate looked  stunning in Versace on the red carpet. She incorporated this years biggeest trend, the cape, in an entirely new and sophisticated way.  The embellishments and wrap detail on the waist, show off Kate’s amazing figure.  One of the best looks this year from the Oscars!Kerry Washington wearing Jason Wu

Heavily pregnant Kerry Washington opted for a brown, strapless Jason Wu dress on the redcarpet. Kerry has had her ups and downs this red carpet seson, I’m on the fence about this dress. I think the silver bar detailing at the bust looks like she has stuck a pen down her top for safe keeping and it is a little bit wrinkled at the bottom.That said, what really won me over with this look was Kerry’s hair and makeup. The soft updo and dark lip and nails work well for Kerry. Overall a very Grecian inspired look.

Emma Watson in Vera Wang

Emma Watson in Vera Wang

Actress and presenter on the night, Emma Watson made her Oscars red carpet debut in a grey and black Vera Wang gown. I love the two tones at play in this dress and the glittery material. I feel Emma had the opposite problem to Kerry Washington. Emma’s hair, makeup and acessories were a bit lack lustre and let her look down. The messy side parting look like she jumped out of the shower and only half blow dried her hair. The rings and earrings were also a bit too much but the beautiful dress makes up for these mistakes.

86th Annual Academy Awards

Camila Alves wearing Gabriela Cadena

Camila Alves looked her usual stunning self in this pink Babriela Cadena dress. The draping of the train and the over the shoulder drape are extremely elegant. Keeping her accessories to a minimum with a matching clutch, Camila let her dress do all the work.

Jared Leto in Saint Laurent

Jared Leto in Saint Laurent

Best supporting Actor winner, Jared Leto looked super chic in a white tuxedo Saint Laurent jacket and black tuxedo trousers. Deviating from the normal, been there done that black tux, Jared also incorporated a red bow tie and skinny black pocket square. I love that Jared, and co-star Matthew Mc Conaghey, opted for white instead of the traditional black. Is anyone else shocked that he is 42 years old? I wouldn’t have placed him a day over 30!

Matthew Mc Conaghey in Dolce and Gabana

Matthew Mc Conaghey in Dolce and Gabana

Like Jared Leto, Matthew opted for a white tailed suit jacket. I love this look on Mc Conaghey. The black waist coat and bow tie make it an Oscar worthy look. Winner of Best Actor, Mc Conaghey topped off a great red carpet season with this look.

Jeremy Renner in Riccardo Tisci

Jeremy Renner in Riccardo Tisci

American Hustle star Jeremy Renner looked dashing in Riccardo Tisci. Similarly to Leto and Mc Conaghey, Renner opted for a black jacket and trouser combo with white shirt and bow tie. Very stylish!

Michael B Jordan wearing Givenchy

Michael B Jordan wearing Givenchy

Looking the epitome of cool, Michael B Jordan oozed style and sophistication on the red carpet in Givenchy. I love the addition of a tin pin to Michael’s look. The silver plate over the shoes are a bit confusing and I have to confess I’ve never seen the like before but I think I like them…Random shoes accessories aside, Michael looked like Mr Cool on the red carpet with a dazzling style to match!

As always, let me know who you’re favourite was, even if they were not mentioned here.

Best Dressed February 2014

As is customary this time of year, it has been a great month for red carpet fashion. Awards Season is sadly drawing to a close with only the Oscars left to go. Luncheons, premières, press calls, fashion weeks all feature in this months post. Don’t forget you can see all The Brit Awards and BAFTA fashion in my last post which were also on last month.

Burberry Porsum London Fashion Week Arrivals

Paloma Faith, Cat Deeley and Poppy Delevigne Burberry LFW Arrivals

Paloma Faith, Cat Deeley and Poppy Delevigne Burberry LFW Arrivals

Singer and show performer Paloma Faith wore one of Christopher Bailey’s latest creations from the Burberry collection. Along with a matching floppy hat and coat, Paloma incorporated a printed t-shirt to her look. Cat Deeley wore an iconic Burberry trench with black skinny jeans with white shoes to the show. Poppy Delevigne also in all Burberry, wore a spotty blouse, navy dress trousers, cute green shoes and a gorgeous blue coat to pull her look together and protect her from the chilly February weather.

Harry Styles and Tinnie Tempah Burberry LFW Arrivals

Harry Styles and Tinnie Tempah Burberry LFW Arrivals

Resident front row sitter at the Burberry shows, Harry Styles wore a moss green coat, grey top and his trademark skinny black jeans and Chelsea boots. Tinnie Tempah looked warm and cosy in a furry coat with black boots and jeans to match.

Fashionable Pairs

Naomi Watts & Luptia Nyong'o, Blake Lively & Rose Byrne, Suki Waterhouse & Cara Delevigne

Naomi Watts & Luptia Nyong’o, Blake Lively & Rose Byrne, Suki Waterhouse & Cara Delevigne

There’s nothing I love better than stylish celebrities… but two together is even more delightful! Fashion It Girl, Lupita Nyong’o posed with Naomi Watts at the Calvin Klein show, both wearing Calvin Klein. Similarly Blake Lively and Rose Byrne both wore Michael Kors whilst attending his show. Models and BFFs’ Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevigne both wore matching Burberry suits at the Harvey  Weinstein BAFTA dinner.

Red Carpet 

Diane Kruger, Emma Watson and Sandra Bullock

Diane Kruger, Emma Watson and Sandra Bullock

Actress Diane Kruger wore a printed asymmetrical Peter Piletto dress with matching black shoes to his show. I love the long sleeves and mis-mash of prints, great for Spring. Emma Watson wore an oversized black bow dress by Giambitistta Valli to the Elle 2014 Style Awards. It’s a shame that the white lining is visable underneath an otherwise lovely dress. Oscar Nominee Sandra Bullock wore a floral number to the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon. I think it’s a shame there is a black sheer overlay on the skirt of this dress but the red clutch and belt tie the look nicely together.

Deltra Goodrum, Lily Collins and Eva Longoria

Deltra Goodrem, Lily Collins and Eva Longoria

Aussie singer Deltra Goodrem wore a Michael Costello deep purple dress to the Third Annual AACTA Awards last month. Lily Collins attended the Lancome BAFTA party in London in a girly floral checked dress with nude shows. Meanwhile at the Global Gift Gala Eva Longoria wore a black and white Zuhair Murad gown.

Kate Bosworth, Lupita Nyong'o and Amy Adams

Kate Bosworth, Lupita Nyong’o and Amy Adams

Kate Bosworth looked chic in silver  at the Van Cleef and Arpels store launch. Oscar Nominees Amy Adams and Lupita Nyong’o attended the EE BAFTA party. Lupita wore a typically taditional pink Chanel suit to the event while Amy wore an amazing white Zuhair Murad dress.

Wretch 32, Jared Letto and Matthew McConaughey

Wretch 32, Jared Letto and Matthew McConaughey

Rapper Wretch 32 looked chic and preppy in brown boat shoes, chinos and a stylish polo-neck and suit jacket combo. Personally, I love this look! It’s a brilliant alternative to the usual tux or suit option for males on a red (or blue in this case) carpet. Oscar Nominees Jared Letto and Matthew McConaughy attended a Dallas Buyers Club press event both in variations of grey. Jared let his now famous long locks hang down underneath a big hat. The grey cotton shirt, jacket, leather leggings and purple socks-black and white stripped shoes combo are another great red carpet look. Reliably, Matthew wore a smart three piece grey suit but with all black shirt and tie.

Amanda Holden, Naomi Harris and Frida Pinto

Amanda Holden, Naomi Harris and Frida Pinto

Amanda Holden attended the Manchester Britain’s Got Talent auditions in a white, navy and green, almost pixilated, dress with nude shoes. Naomi Harris looked stunning as always as she attended the London Critics Circle Film Awards. Naomi wore a fringed yellow Naeem Khan Pre Fall 2014 dress.  Very Daisy Gatsby! Model and Actress Frida Pinto attended the Chanel show in Paris. I love, love, love this purple printed dress but the shoes let this look down bags-full unfortunately.That said, Frida did coordinate her bag to match them so I’ll let this one go.

Let me know who your favourite was. Stay tuned for Oscars Fashion in the near future!