The Great Gatsby Part 3: Music


Like the fashion and jewellery the music in The Great Gatsby did not disappoint! Jay Z, Beyoncé, Lana Del Ray, Emile Sande, Kanye West, Florence and the Machine, to name but a few, all appear on the films soundtrack.

Even with all these big names appearing on the soundtrack, there has been a lot of online criticism about the soundtrack. Many bloggers and reviews complained that the songs were too “2013” and modern to fit with the 1920’s atmosphere portrayed onscreen.  I have to say at points during the beginning of the film I was starting to agree with the critics. Jay Z and Kanye rapping over pictures of 1920’s New York just didn’t seem right.

However, as the film progressed the music became an essential ingredient to storyline as we watched the drama unfold.

There were two cover versions on the soundtrack, both with Beyoncé connections. The first was Emile Sande’s cover of Beyoncé’s hit “Crazy In Love”. Emile’s version really replicated the 1920’s with a jazzy Charleston vibe.

Beyoncé controversially covered Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”. Personally I loved this version! It’s sensual and full of sass, done to typical Beyoncé perfection.

Lana Del Ray’s hauntingly hypnotic “Young and Beautiful” gives Beyoncé’s cover a run for best song on the album. Del Ray’s song was seamlessly woven into the middle of the film. An excellent choice!

Here’s a full listing of the tracks on The Great Gatsby Soundtrack [Deluxe Edition].

  1. 100$ Bill – Jay Z
  2.  Back to Black – Beyoncé & Andre 3000
  3. Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray
  4. Love is Blindness – Jack White
  5. Crazy In love (Kid Koala Version) – Emile Sande and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
  6. Bang Bang –
  7. A Little Party Never Killed Noboday (All We Got) – Fegies, QTip & Goon Rock
  8. Love Is The Drug – Bryan Ferry and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
  9. Heart’s A Mess – Gotye
  10. Where The Wind Blows – Coco O
  11. Green Light – Green Light
  12. No Church In The Wild ft Frank Ocean – Jay Z & Kanye West
  13. Over The Love – Florence and  the Machine

Let me know what your favourite song  from the film was.



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The Great Gatsby Part 1: Fashion


This week I went to see The Great Gatsby. It certainly lived up to the hype. What a spectacular film! If you haven’t been yet, I can’t recommend it enough. The glamour, wealth and elegance will leave you wishing it was the 1920’s Flapper Era all over again.  I’ve decided to do a few Gatsby themed posts this week inspired by the fashion and jewellery in the film. In this post I’m going to focus on fashion.


The film has been criticised for its lack of accuracy in the fashion department. However, that doesn’t mean we still can’t adore it! Daisy Buchannan, portrayed by the flawless Carey Mulligan, was undoubtedly the best dressed character through the film.


Each scene introduced a new stunning gown adorned with pearls, sequences, feathers or fur. Daisy’s clothing tended to stay on a neutral palette, mainly nudes, pale pinks and purples.

The Great Gatsby

Compared to Daisy’s elegant dresses, we see Myrtles garish and in your face attire, aspiring to the wealth and sophistication of the Buchannan’s.


The contrast between Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchannan’s clothing in the film represents the contrast of “Old” and “New” money. Traditionally speaking, the old money gentlemen wore darker clothing and suits, like Tom. New money types like Gatsby tended to wear brighter colours along the whites, creams and pinks spectrum.

gatsby men costumes 615

Then you have the Nick Carraway’s of the world. Not poor but not exactly as well to do as the company he keeps.


His clothing throughout the film was smart, a balanced mix between light and darks.  All the male characters wore pocket squares and striped or patterned ties. And of course, fedoras!


Stay tuned for more Great Gatsby inspired posts. Let me know your favourite outfits in the comments below!

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