Fashion Fix: The 2013 Emmy Awards

Television and Hollywood’s fineest stormed Los Angeles on Sunday September 22nd for the annual Emmy Awards. Of course, all eyes were on the red carpet fashion! Pale pinks and champagne colours dominated. Lace, intricate beading and sequences were also a prominent feature on the red carpet. Simple and structured purple, red and blue gowns made bold statements. Hair wise, simple ponytails, side curls and basic straight blow dries were popular amoungst the nominees and guests. Clare Danes, who wore a beautiful Armani Privee gown, looked amazing with her “faux bob”. Rose Byrne also debuted a new hairdo changing her brunette locks to a light, honey blonde. Overall the fashion was a knockout success for the first major redcarpet event of the new season! Below are some of the must see looks…

Pretty in Pink

Rose Byrne Calvin Klein, Janurary Jones Givenchy, Julie Bowen  Zac Pozen

Rose Byrne Calvin Klein, Janurary Jones Givenchy, Julie Bowen Zac Pozen

All White on the Night

Elizabeth Moss, Kate Mara, Julianna Margulies

Elizabeth Moss, Kate Mara, Julianna Margulies

Purple Perfection

Alison Hannigan Marchesa, LindaCardellini  Donna Karan, Melissa Rauch

Alison Hannigan Marchesa, LindaCardellini Donna Karan, Melissa Rauch

Red Hot

Sophia Vegara Vera Wang, Michelle Dockery Prada, Heidi Klum Versace

Sophia Vegara Vera Wang, Michelle Dockery Prada, Heidi Klum Versace

Gorgeous in Green 

Mayim Bialik and Sarah Hyland

Mayim Bialik and Sarah Hyland

Bold in Blue

Alison Williams Ralph Lauren, Katrina Bowden, Tina Fey Narcisco Rodriguez

Alison Williams Ralph Lauren, Katrina Bowden, Tina Fey Narcisco Rodriguez

Intricate in Nude Champagne 

Kiernan Shipka, Kerry Washington Marchesa, Anna Gunn

Kiernan Shipka, Kerry Washington Marchesa, Anna Gunn

Clare Danes Armani Priviee

Clare Danes Armani Priviee

Some of my personal favourites are Kerry Washington in Marchesa, Linda Cardellini in Donna Karan, Clare Danes in Armani Privie and Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein. Let me know yours!

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Celebrity Mugshots

If you’ve ever been envious of  a celebrity and their wealthy lifestyle this may just make you smile… for a few minutes at least.

Sadly for this lot, celebrity status couldn’t buy them out of an arrest.

Here’s a look at some famous faces and their, let’s face it,  ridiculously good looking mugshots.

Chace Crawford Mugshot

Who: Chace Crawford

Famous For: His role as Nate Archibald in the hit series Gossip Girl

Arrested For: Illegal possession of drugs, marijuana.

When and Where: 2010, Texas.

Reese Witherspoon Mugshot

Who: Reese Witherspoon

Famous For: A-list, Oscar winning actress. Starred in, Walk the Line, Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Friends and Monsters vs Aliens (voice).

Arrested For: Disorderly conduct

When and Where: 2013, Atlanta

. Khloe Kardashian Mugshot

Who: Khloe Kardashian

Famous For: Member of the reality TV superstar family, The Kardashians. Father, Robert Kardashian, defended OJ Simpson during his trial. Married to basketball play Lamar Odem.

Arrested For: DUI

When and Where: 2007.California.

Bruno Mars Mugshot

Who: Bruno Mars

Famous For: Singer, songwriter. Hits include; Locked out of Heaven, Just The Way You Are, Runaway, Grenade, When I Was Your Man.

Arrested For: Cocaine possession.

When and Where: 2010, Las Vegas.

Nicole Richie Mugshot

Who: Nicole Richie

Famous For: Starring alongside Paris Hilton in the reality show The Simple Life. Daughter to Lionel Richie. Designer and Fashionista.

Arrested For: Heroin Possession and a DUI.

When and Where: 2003 and 2006, both California.

Mischa Barton Mugshot

Who: Mischa Barton

Famous For: Actress from the successful TV series,The O.C

Arrested For: DUI and drug possession

When and Where: 2007, Hollywood.

Neyo Mugshot

Who: Neyo

Famous For: Singer and songwriter.

Arrested For: Reckless driving, speeding at 100mph.

When and Where: 2008,Georgia.

Lindsay Lohan Mugshots

Who: Lindsay Lohan.

Famous For: Successful child star actress…. and for getting arrested!

Arrested For: DUI, cocaine possession, stealing and a Hit and Run.

When and Where: 2007, 2011, 2012. Beverly Hills, Italy, New York.

Paris Hilton MugShots

Who: Paris Hilton

Famous For: Heiress to the Hilton Hotel Empire, reality TV star, entrepreneur.

Arrested For: Possession of Marijuana and a DUI.

When and Where: 2006, 2010. Las Vegas and Hollywood.

Leave me a comment letting me know your favourite mugshot!

The #Selfie Obsession

Gone are the days of disposable cameras and film rolls! No more waiting for a week to see how your pictures turned out. Sadly, the excitement of one hour photo development has disappeared. Nowadays we rely on digital cameras and smartphones to view our pictures. The majority of the world’s population have a smartphone of some make or form. According to,1.08 billion people own a smartphone.91.4 million of these users are from the US.

iPhone and Android’s introduction of the front facing camera have encourage a new generation of selfie-aholics.  As always, celebrities have helped encourage the selfie trend. Kim Kardashian is possibly the biggest selfie culprit on Twitter.

Kim KardashianSelfies

She is closely followed closely by Miley Cyrus regularly post pictures of herself on Twitter.Miley Cyrus Selfies

As does teen heart throb Justin Bieber.Justin Bieber Selfies

Numerous apps have been developed for smartphones to enable instant sharing of our snaps online. Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest make it easier than ever to upload and share pictures online.Pic Sharing Apps

Rihanna utilises Instagram daily under the name, BadGalRiRi. Her risque selfies never fail to make headlines.

Rihanna Selfies

Many blogs and websites offer a guide for us mere mortals, to taking the best possible selfies. The best Dos and Don’ts can be found at the links below.

There are even Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to sharing the best and worst selfies. However, the majority of the “best” selfies always seem to be aimed at over 18 audiences…Regardless, the trend is taking the internet by storm. Sharing self-portraits dates back to a pre-internet era. It’s believed the first self-portrait taken on a camera was by Robert Cornelius 1839. Although it doesn’t quite meet the modern selfie standards of today, he did set the bench mark pretty high with his nonchalant pose!

Robert Cornelius 1839 Selfie

During the 1880’s cameras came with self-timers, while Polaroid sold the first instant camera during the 1970’s. Polaroid cameras could be held at arm’s length, much like a smartphone, to take selfies.

On a personal note I think that the phrase selfie has taken on a life of its own. A front facing picture with someone else isn’t necessarily a selfie in my books.

One thing is for sure, selfies are not going away anytime soon!

What do you think of the #selfie trend?

It’s Time For: Wimbledon

Rackets at the ready please!


Summer is officially in full swing now that Wimbledon has hit our television screens.  (Yes, I know, terrible tennis puns are unnecessary.) Coverage from the prestigious All English Lawn Tennis  Club for the next two weeks will focus on world class players, the underdogs, shock early exits, which this week included Rafael Nadal, celebrity spectators and of course,  strawberries and cream.

Nadal bows out of Wimbledon. Naomi Campbell pays a visit

Nadal bows out of Wimbledon Early. Naomi Campbell, Mollie King, Pippa and Jmes Middleton and Michelle Dockery all enjoy the Action on court

Nadal bows out of Wimbledon Early. Naomi Campbell, Mollie King, Pippa and Jmes Middleton and Michelle Dockery all enjoy the Action on court

Last year after my final exams, myself and two of my friends headed over to London for a mini holiday. On the third day of our trip we decided to hop on the tube and head out to Wimbledon. The tennis club is about a fifteen/twenty minute walk from the tube station so be prepared. Along the way there were Evian reps giving out free water and companies distributing free strawberries and cream sweets, which were delicious! For those of you who planning to go to Wimbledon on a whim, here is what to expect.

Queues, Queues and More Queues    

If you don’t have tickets, try to get there as early as possible. When we arrived at the “No Ticket” gate around 10 am we were greeted by a not so friendly young blonde attendant. She informed us that it was “cash ONLY” from here on in. The nearest ATM was a good walk away so make sure to have cash with you. None the less, there is a great queuing system in place. The attendants even handed us a “Guide to Queuing”!  The queue begins at the edge of a field and curves right the way round. Eventually, after you walk up and down the field numerous times you reach another entrance.  Naively we thought that this was the entrance to the grounds.  This point sees the beginning of a long walk up to the grounds.  Along the way there are more freebies including sweets, juice and water. We were also reminded numerous times that it was indeed, cash only. After two hours of queuing we reached the security checks.

Top L-R, Queues to enter the grounds, Campers setting up for the next day. Bottom Entrance to the Grounds

Top L-R, Queues to enter the grounds, Campers setting up for the next day. Bottom Entrance to the Grounds

Note: The free blister patches we were given further back were not allowed in. After a quick climb up the stairs we were finally there. It was worth the wait!

Tickets and Where To Go

Once you begin to see the roof of centre court and the exclusive roof dining areas the boring queuing atmosphere dissolves and the buzz of Wimbledon replaces it. The ticket office wizz you right through.  Once leaving the ticket area you are free to roam the glorious grounds, including gift shops where you can buy, towels, programmes, hats, even used balls. Naturally we headed straight for strawberries and cream stand, which were surprisingly cheap at £2.50 each. Strawberries at Wimbledon

Henman Hill has a great atmosphere if you’re interested in watching the games on centre court. There are multiple courts that you can view games without tickets but if you want a seat you need to be there early.

Top, The View from Henman Hill. Bottom, one of the courts

Top, The View from Henman Hill. Bottom, one of the courts

What to Bring With You

As we were completely unprepared for our outing I’ve compiled a list of a few essentials that I wish I had brought with me.

  • An Umbrella, a Light Coat, Sun cream and Sunglasses. The weather is always unpredictable so I would highly advise preparing for all eventualities. When we were queuing to get into the grounds it was cloudy and quite cold. Once we reached the courts the sun was splitting the rocks. Later on in the day it began to drizzle. Typical English summertime weather!
  • A blanket, drinks and food. If you haven’t got a ticket it’s most likely you will be on the Hill watching the action. We regretted not having brought a picnic with us and a blanket of sorts to sit on. The grass can be quite damp up there. While there are benches they’re usually full. There is no more free water once you get inside. You can buy food inside but if you have a good spot, you won’t want to leave it. Food also comes in handy when you’re queuing. There are burger and concession stands but at 11 in the morning we didn’t feel like burgers.

Despite not having the majority of what I’ve mentioned above, Wimbledon was a fantastic day out. There is so much to see and so many strawberries to eat! If you are making a trip to Wimbledon I would advise that you don’t go on a day that a British player is on court. The man ahead of us in the queue last year told us that the queues are twice as long and they often close the grounds when they’re full.

Make sure to look out for the ball boys and girls around the grounds. They walk around like little ducks in a row. If you’ve had the chance to experience Wimbledon, make sure and leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Around the grounds at Wimbledon


That IS Kray!

If you’ve been browsing on the twittershere or listening to the radio over the past few months the word, “Kray” will not be new to you. The popular urban slang useage of the word, “Kray Kray”, has been circulating the web for months. Its popularity can be attributed to Jay Z and Kanye West. The rap moguls’ collaboration on the hit song “In Paris” saw the introduction of the phrase word “Kray”. Variations of the phrase have popped up online…even in meme form including President Obama, Tommy Pickles and Regina George!

Jay Z and Kanye West, Kray!

Twenty first century slang has seen the word become a substitute for the word “crazy”. In actuality the phrase refers to brothers, Ronald “Ronnie” and Reginald “Reggie” Kray. The English twin brothers were notorious gangsters and crime lords in London’s East End during the 50’s and 60’s. Think Grant and Phil Mitchell only much worse.

Kray Twins Ronnie and Reggie

The phrase “Kray” relates to all the outrageous deeds the two brothers committed during their time as London’s biggest crime lords.  Their success in amateur boxing was short lived. The siblings turned their hands to organised crime included the likes of armed robberies, arson, assault, high jacking and murder. It is widely reported that Ronnie suffered from Schizophrenia.

Ronnie and Reggie with their mother Violet Kray

Ronnie and Reggie with their mother Violet Kray

During the 60’s the brothers opened various nightclubs in London raising their social status. Celebrities like Judy Garland and Barbara Windsor were photographed with the brothers as well as famous politicians and MP’s.  It’s safe to say that the Kray’s would have been delighted with the newfound fame of their family name 50 years on.


The Kray twins with Judy Garland

The Kray twins with Barbara Windsor

The Kray twins with Barbara Windsor

The twins ran a body guard service which gained them numerous high profile clients from the business and showbiz world, including Frank Sinatra. Witnesses to their dirty deeds were petrified to testify against the brothers as they reigned over London with their gang “The Firm”. However, things quickly turned south for the Kray brothers when they were imprisoned for life for the murder of two rival gangsters, George Cornell and Jack “The Hat” McVitie.

The Kray Twins

Eventually, witnesses and gang members gave evidence against the twins in court. The celebrity status and attention surrounding the twins lead to a refusal of parole. It has been argued by the brothers themselves that if it had not been for the Kray name, they would have severed a shorter sentence.

Ronnie and Reggie Kray's mugshots when they were arrested for murder

Ronnie and Reggie Kray’s mugshots when they were arrested for murder

What became of London’s biggest mobsters?

Ronnie died in March 1975 from a heart attack aged 61 in a mental hospital while Reggie who was battling cancer, died in his sleep in October 2000 in his home after being released from prison on compassionate grounds.

So, when people say “That’s so kray…You’re kray”, be sure to remember the “Kra-z-y” antics of the Kray siblings!

Cannes Film Festival 2013 Fashion Fix

The glitz and glamour of The Cannes Film Festival 2013 has come to an end.  Stars from across the globe flocked the French Rivera to promote numerous high profile and independent films.  Of course, the main focus of my attention was the fashion! For two whole weeks it’s nothing but glamour, sophistication and elegance on the red carpet.

White! White! White!

The colour du jour this year was white. Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain and Kylie Minogue to name but a few, all sported elegant mix of white, off-white and monochrome gowns on the red carpet. Black, red and midnight blue also made frequent appearances.


Kylie Minougue,  Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman all stunned in white.


Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan,Dior. Rosario Dawson, Ellie Sabb. Emma Watson, Chanel.


Jennifer Lawrence, Dior. Carey Mulligan, Jessica Chastain, Bulgari, Marion Cotillard, Alexander Mc Queen.

Black and White

b and w11

Leading the way in black and white get ups are, Carey Mulligan,Chloe. Chanel Iman. Mila Jovovich, Chanel. Lily Donaldson. Astrid Berges, Chanel.

b and w

Jennifer Lawrence, both Dior . Zoe Saldana, Emanuel Ungaro, Nicole Kidman, Chanel.

black 3

Audrey Tautuo wearing a black fanned dress and Cara Delevingne  in Burberry.

Regal in Red                                                                                                                                              

Redheads Jessica Chastain and Isla Fisher both donned red gowns. Chastain for the amfAR Cinema Against Aids gala and Fisher at The Great Gatsby premiere. Being a redhead myself I am extremely reluctant to wear red, however, Jessica and Isla really pull it off.


Chastain, Hedi Silmane. Fisher, Oscar de la Renta.

Others in red included Georgia May Jagger wearing Roberto Cavalli, Dita Von Teese wearing Ellie Sabb, and Audrey Tautuo.


Burgundy Babes

Emma Watson, in Christopher Kane, and Cheryl Cole, Zuhair Murad, both bloomed in burgundy dresses.


Why so Blue?


Kristen Scott, Armani Privee. Nicole Kidman, L’Wren Scott & Dior. Mila Jocovich , Armani.

And the rest…


Rosario Dawson, Marchesa. Solange Knowles, Stephane Rolland. Alessandra-Ambrosio,  Roberto Cavilli. Freida Pinto, Sanchita. Uma Thurman, Versace.


Jessica Chastain, Givenchy. Freida Pinto,Gucci. Florence Welsh, Miu Miu. Jessica Biel, Marchesa .