Beauty Sleep Style Challenge

Nothing sums up Christmas and New Year’s holidays better than lounging around in brand new fluffy pyjamas, watching endless cheesy films and repeats. As January fast approaches many are making resolutions to become healthier, be more active or proactive. But did you know January 3rd is the Festival of Sleep? To celebrate this great festival I’ve teamed up with* to share some of my favourite night-wear.

The Classic Option

Classic Pyjamas

Classic striped, polka dot and checked pyjamas are perfect for a night in. Whether you opt for Victoria Secret’s classic pink candy striped or PJ’s, Rosie for Autograph’s black and white checked jammies you will looke chic all year long.

The Cosy Option 

Cosy Pyjamas

Cosy is best in my books. I own more fluffy dressing gowns than I can count. This Topshop beige and white gown with animal ears will work excellently over any of the classic pyjamas above and keep you lovely and warm. Sticking with the animal theme, I love the fleecy grey bear PJ’s above. If you like warmth without the fluff and fleece, a hooded PJ set is a good alternative.

The Silk Option

The Silk Option

There’s something highly luxurious and sexy about silk pyjamas. Rosie for Autograph offers some gorgeous silk options. The red full length silk gown is a great investment, while the black lace and floral nightie is feminine and fun. If you prefer a short and tank combination, the scalloped gold edging on the Ell and Cee set above is the way to go.

The Print OptionThe printed option

If you’re planning a night in with the girls, a printed pyjama is a great choice. The birhgter and bolder the better, much like the yellow and pink floral Victoria Secret’s option. ASOS also offer an extensive range of fun printed PJ’s like the blue cheetah print above. If colour and a bold print isn’t for you, ASOS also offer simple printed sets like this monochrome option.

Let me know your favourite option in the comments below. Enjoy the Festival of Sleep January 3rd! For more information about visit their website here.

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Summer Reads Part 1

Summer is well and truly in full swing!
For many the summer season involves, music festivals, ice cream cones, long sunny days and maybe even longer nights. Whatever you’re up to during the summer holidays nothing beats reading a great book… or two!

Serena – Ron Rash (RRP £8.99)

Ron Rash Serena

About: Newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton begin their married life in the mountains of North Carolina. It’s 1929 and the Great Depression has brought the country to a standstill. Greed has forced them to the mountains and it’s greed that spurs them on. The couple do everything in their power to ensure that nothing stands in the way of their timber empire. Serena proves herself equal to any hard working man. The power-hungry couple soon discover that Serna cannot bear children.  When we learn that George has fathered an illegitimate child, the story propels into a tale of shocking twists and turns, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Trivia: Due to be released as a major motion picture starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, September 2013.

Birdsong – Sebastian Faulks (RRP £7.99)


About:  In 1910 a young Stephen Wraysford arrives in France. Stephen embarks on a love affair with Isabelle Azaire, the wife of his host family. From this moment on we follow Stephen through the horrors of love and the First World War. With a palpable desire to survive, Stephen witnesses the comrades he has grown to love become disheartened, maimed and shadows of their former selves. Sixty years later, Stephen’s granddaughter discovers his encrypted diaries and continues his quest to keep his promise to a dying man. This story of love, war and friendship gives the reader a great sense of what life truly was like in the trenches.

Atonement – Ian McEwan (RRP £8.99)


About:  When thirteen year old Briony Tallis witnesses a fleeting moment of flirtation  and desire between her older sister Celia and Robbie, the servant’s son, her mind races. Celica and Robbie become victims of Briony’s childish imagination.   When Briony and Celia’s visiting cousin is sexually assaulted within the grounds of their estate, Briony convinces everyone that Robbie is the culprit. Celia does not believe these accusations and her relationship with her family falls apart. The story flicks between Robbie, Celia and Briony’s lives. While Robbie and Celia lives are turned upside down by the war and the rape allegations, we watch as Briony spends her time attempting to atone for the crime and sins she committed during her youth.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn (RRP £7.99)

Gone girl

About: It’s the morning of Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Instead of presents, hugs and kisses, the beautiful Amy vanishes into thin air. With numerous signs of a struggle in the couple’s house, Nick becomes the prime suspect. To make matters worse, Amy’s only friend tells the police that Amy was scared of Nick in the lead up to her disappearance. As Nick struggles to deny all of these claims and accusations, he exhibits inappropriate and odd behaviour. Worst of all…Nick lies to the police in attempt to prove his innocence. A fast-paced, intricate and extremely clever, original plot, Gone Girl is the novel of summer 2013! Trivia: Reese Witherspoon has bought the film rights to the book and plans to star in the film.

Rosamund Pike


UPDATE: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rosamund Pike is to play Amy Dunne in the movie adaptation. Read more here:

The Great Gatsby – F.Scott Fitzgerald (RRP varies on edition)

the great gatsby cover

About: Welcome to the 1920’s. Make sure to hold onto your hats Old Sports, it’s a bumpy ride! Nick Carraway introduces us to the glittering, sensational and glamorous residents of Long Island. Self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby welcomes Nick to his elite world of money, drinking and partying. A tale of love and tragedy intertwined within the glamour of the “New” and “Old” rich of America. We follow one man’s pursuit of love, wealth and happiness.  This is a MUST read novel! If you haven’t already,  have a look at my Great Gatsby themed posts here:

Let me know your essential summer reads in the comments below!