Style Inspiration: Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt, Editor-in-Chief Vogue Paris

Emmanuelle Alt, Editor-in-Chief Vogue France


Two months ago flipping through the July issue of British Vogue, I came across an article, “Control ALT”. Despite the bold title it was the accompanying picture that captured my attention. A tall stunning brunette with a slight smirk leaning against a wall with two windows and standing near a blue rug, arms crossed over a sequined Saint Laurent jacket met by a pair of black skinny jeans. This impossibly cool and captivating woman featured in a four page spread was editor-in-chief of Vogue France, Emmanuelle ¬†Alt.

The article chronicled Alt’s time and influence at Vogue France. It also featured snippets of her personal style. The ten pictures accompanying the write up left me feeling inspired by Alt’s style. Her look is effortless, classic, cool and typically French! Emmanuelle’s style has become as influential as the girls she features in her magazine.

Typically Alt’s style consists of skinny black or white jeans, boots or reasonably sized pointed heels. After some extensive Googling, I failed to find any photos of Alt in a skirt or dress. Jeans and tailored trousers are a must in the Alt Uniform. Another staple includes coats or jackets belted, never buttoned. The colour scheme employed by Alt generally alternates between black, white, blues, greys and back to black.

Emmanuelle Alt Blazers

Alt wearing various oversized blazers

Alt is regularly spotted on her way to shows or meetings in oversized blazers with rolled up sleeves, a simple tshirt and signature black jeans always grazing the calves with a pair of pointed black heels to match.

Alt's belted jackets

Alt’s belted jackets

Alt never buttons her jackets, opting to close them with a belt. I love this look! It’s so stylish and she still looks comfy and warm.

Emmanuelle Alt Jeans

Alt looking more casual, yet still chic, in jeans, also pictured Alt’s daughter.

All of Alt’s looks are easily replicated and very wearable. Everyone will have a pair of black or denim jeans and a coat or shirt they can style together.

For me, it’s the the simplicity of Alt’s style that makes her a style icon.

Let me know your favourite Emmanuelle Alt look and if she has inspired your style!