6 Spring Trends for 2014

Spring is finally here! While the Irish weather is as unpredictable as always, the daffodils and buds on the trees assure me that it has arrived. With each the new season comes an array of new fashion and beauty trends.  Here are my six favourite trends.

Print and Floral 

Alberta Ferretti Spring Floral runway looks and Primark Bomber Jacket, £15.

Alberta Ferretti Spring Floral runway looks and Primark Bomber Jacket, £15.

Graphic floral blooms were heavily featured on the Mulberry and Christopher Kane runways at London Fashion Week. Italian designer, Alberta Ferretti displayed an incredible line of simple, white girly dresses with minimal floral appliques. Primark, which is now available on ASOS.com, already have numerous similar styles for sale at a fraction of the cost. If floral is not your style, Aztec is another print trend for spring. A pair of River Island or Miss Selfridge Aztec leggings with a plain block top is the best way to go when it comes to Aztec.


Burberry S/S 14 Pastel looks and L'Oreal Colour Riche Pastel Nail Polishes.

Burberry S/S 14 Pastel looks and L’Oreal Colour Riche Pastel Nail Polishes.

Lilac, purple, powder blue and yellow hues were dominant on the Topshop Unique, Burberry, Matthew Williamson, and Versace runways. If you aren’t brave enough to wear the graphic floral prints next season, pastel colours are a great alternative. They’re soft girly and perfect for spring. Instead of head to toe pastels, pair pastel pinks, mints or blues with crisp white, cream or brown. A pastel cardigan with a white t-shirt and denim jeans is the best way to incorporate this trend to your spring wardrobe. The Topshop Unique collection will be available to buy later this year online and in store if you want an actual piece from the runway. Pastels nail polishes are a huge trend this year already. My personal faves include any from the Barry M Jelly Collection. L’Oreal also have an extensive range of pretty pastels this year too. All available at your local Boots or Superdrug.


L-R, Burberry pastel embellished skirt combo, Dolce and Gabbana embellished florals, Burberry embelished skirt and Dolce and Gabbana belted and embellished dress.

L-R, Burberry pastel embellished skirt combo, Dolce and Gabbana embellished florals, Burberry embelished skirt and Dolce and Gabbana belted and embellished dress.

Burberry displayed heavily embellished looks at London Fashion Week, which the Highstreet will be quick to follow. To incorporate embellishments to your spring and summer outfits, opt for subtly. The Burberry S/S 14 line had embellished belts and skirts, keeping the rest simple. To keep costs low try updating accessories you already have with jewels and studs from craft shops.


L-R, Floral Monochrome at Ralph Lauren, subtle Ralph Lauren monochrome and Burberry printed monochrome

L-R, Floral Monochrome at Ralph Lauren, subtle Ralph Lauren monochrome and Burberry printed monochrome

Classic black and white was heavily favoured on the catwalk by Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Fendi. Many of the designers opted to keep it chic with alternating black and white tailored trousers and blazers. To add some variety to this look, follow in D&G’s footsteps and opt for monochrome polka dots. Boohoo.com and New Look have an extensive range of monochrome to match any budget.

An Orange Lip

Kate Bosworth wearing an Orange lip and a model from the runway sporting the trend.

Kate Bosworth wearing an Orange lip and a model from the runway sporting the trend.

I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone but this trend is huge this season. From bloggers to the runways, the orange lip is taking over. Not a trend I’ll personally be sporting but when done correctly it looks great.

 Rounded Sunglasses   

Tori Birch, Burberry, Prada and Ralph Lauren rounded sunglasses.

Tori Birch, Burberry,  and Ralph Lauren rounded sunglasses.

Keep your eyes protected with rounded sixties style shades for the upcoming season like those displayed on the Ralph Lauren , Tori Birch and Burberry models. How very Jackie O!

Let me know your favourite look for Spring 2014!


My 2013 Favourties

2013 Favourites

Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser

I came across this Simple moisturiser by chance in ASDA for a mere £3. Usually on sale for under £5, or on offer at 2 for £6, this is a great low cost moisturiser. It is light on the skin and, as with all Simple products, it is chemical and fragrance free. I like to use it right before I apply my makeup but I wouldn’t fully recommend it as a primer as it doesn’t matify the skin completely. However, it does control excess oils well and the packaging is sanitary and appealing.

Revlon Bold Sangria

This was an end of year buy influenced by an Instagram pic.  Revlon Colourstay’s ‘Bold Sangria’ polish is one of my new favourite polishes. Last year my Revlon nail polish ‘go-to- was ‘Spanish Moss’ which I used up and think I’ll repurchase again this year. Overall the Revlon polishes are long lasting, chip resistant and shiny. It is a bit costly at £7.99 but I think it’s worth the money, like all expensive polishes. Yes, I’m talking to you Essie and OPI!

Maybelline Baby Lips

I’m so happy this product lived up to the hype. As a slave to Vaseline for dry, chapped lips, I have tried numerous lip products. Finally, after a lot of trial and error I’ve found a good runner up. I’m not sure I would go as far as to replace this for Vaseline but it’s a tight call. Baby Lips itself is oily and moisturising, leaving a lovely sheen to your lips without being sticky. With a simple twist applicator at the bottom the packaging is bright and bold. I have been using the ‘Quenched’ Baby Lips which is goes onto the lips clear but there are numerous Baby Lips available in different shades which I can’t wait to try in 2014. In terms of availability I found these were hard to come by. That said they have been out for a good few months now so keep an eye out. They’re very popular!  In other Maybelline ‘Baby’ news, this month sees the launch of ‘Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser’ primer. The online waiting list for this product at Boots.com is full but I managed to get one in my local Boots this evening!! Judging by the early online reviews I’ve read it’s as good as the ‘Baby Lips’ and a steal for £7.99 or (€11.99).Off the huge success of Baby Lips, Maybelline are launching a ‘Dr Rescue’ Baby Lips. Already available in the US, I’m looking forward to trying this re-vamped version of a brilliant product.

 Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels

Who doesn’t love a good Yankee Candle? My favourite towards the end of 2013 was definitely Fluffy Towels and Soft Blanket. Both extremely similar scents are fresh and cleansing. I found that they are completely odour eliminating compared to the other Yankee scents I’ve burned over the years.

Vogue USA The September Issue

Jennifer Lawrence knows how to work a cover shoot! J-Law looked incredible in Vogue USA September issue in 2013. The biggest and most important issue of the year was full of amazing spreads, including Jennifer’s and one shot in Co. Cork, Ireland. Jessica Chastain gave Jennifer a good run for her money as my favourite Vogue cover girl for 2013, a copy of which I manged to get my hands on yesterday! Beyoncé’s May Vogue UK  and Claire Danes November Vogue UK covers were my UK Vogue faves.

The Great Gatsby DVD

Anyone who follows my blog will know that I L-O-V-E The Great Gatsby, both book and Baz Luhrmann’s silver screen adaptation.  The music, fashion and jewellery are simply stunning in this film and Carey Mulligan is like an angel send from heaven with porcelain skin. A must see!!

Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox

A Christmas present in 2012 I have been listening to Bruno Mars on a loop for the whole of 2013. My favourite songs include the released ‘Locked Out of Heaven’, ‘Treasure’ and the unreleased ‘Natalie’ and ‘Money Make Her Smile’.  The only disappointing thing about this album is that there are only ten songs on it.

Cath Kidston Makeup Bag

A present for my 20th birthday, a small Cath Kidston makeup bag was the very thing I didn’t know I needed! This is the perfect handbag sized makeup bag. Brilliant for holding a bottle of nail polish, eyeliner, mascara, a nail file, a mirror and lip balm in one place in your handbag. It’s also stylish enough to bring out in public.

The Best of YouTube: Nail Art


Each season, nail polish and nail art trends are becoming more and more advanced. Nail Art advancement has made it difficult to make your nails look like a standout showpiece. The perfect manicure requires time, patience and LOTS of practice. Dotting tools, stripers, glitter and tape are the new nail-must-haves. That’s before factoring in the polish itself!
To help you I’ve compiled a list of YouTube’s best nail technicians!


Cute Polish’s step by step videos make nail art simple! Many of the looks created require dotting tools and stripers. Don’t fret,  Cute Polish has a video specifically on DIY nail art tools to help you if you don’t have any of the professional tools.  All designs are easy to recreate and look amazing. Cute Polish offers a wide range of tutorials including nail care, how to remove stubborn glitter polish, monochrome, nautical, neon, rainbow, duck, fruit, Christmas and Easter nails. CutePolish is always my first stop for all things nail polish!


In the past few months Jen has been uploading some great nail art tutorials. They are catered towards your average girl and beginners, so you don’t have to be a dab hand at nail art to recreate her designs. The looks Jen creates work perfectly for a night on the town or a day at the office. Jen’s instructions are concise and comprehensive. All her videos are filmed to the highest quality. You can recreate the same tutorial numerous times by changing the colours you use, which is always a bonus when it comes to nail art. Thanks Jen!

MissGalmorazzi Collage

Ingrid not only does great makeup videos but her nail polish collection is second to none. While she doesn’t always feature videos specifically about nail polish, if you watch any of her makeup, haul, DIY or favourite’s videos, you’re sure to see her wearing or talking about a beautiful nail colour. She mentions all colours and brands in the description box too. If you’re looking for a review about a specific brand of polish you can bet Ingrid will have the answer.
Mod Nails


Mod Nails’ designs are amazing.  Their channel is almost a year old but the few designs they have are incredible and look so professional. If you want to wow your friends with halfmoon leopard nails, Betsy Johnston inspired nails or gradient stud caviar nails, have a peek at their channel.


Looking for girlie nail art design? Have a look at some of BubzBeauty’s tutorials. Mixed in with her other random beauty and DIY videos are some real nail art gems! Her spring, dessert, bride and groom and summer floral nails are a few of my personal favourites.

As always, let me know your favourite nail art designs and your favourite YouTube nail art uploaders!

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