Eiffel Tower Nail Stickers |BornPretty Review|

BornPretty Nail Stickers

BornPretty Nail Stickers

BornPretty Nail Stickers

Paris is by far my favourite city! Well, of all the cities I’ve visited… I loved the look of these Born Pretty Store Nostalgic Eiffel Tower Nail Stickers*. The packet contains 14 self adhesive stickers. Randomly enough though, upon closer inspection, two of these stickers include the Colosseum in Rome and Tower Bridge from London. Despite these two, three others include various perspectives of the Eiffel Tower and the final two are Paris themed.

To apply, select your desired sticker and remove the transparent cover. Align the bottom sticker to the top of your nail. Stick to your nail and shape accordingly. I used a nail file and a pair of scissors. To seal apply a clear coat of polish. I applied my stickers to my thumb and ring finger and paired them with BarryM ‘Almond’ polish on my index,middle and baby finger.

Sadly, I found these stickers quite hard to work with. I thought they were quite big for my nails. To make the most of the picture on the sticker your nails would have to be extremely long and wide. Mines are by no means short but they’re not overly long either. I would recommend using these on much longer nails to make the most of the design. These stickers did last well on my nails. Seeing as I have my hands in a lot of water I was impressed with the longevity and they didn’t chip.

I have reviewed other BornPretty nail art stickers before which I loved. I think the length and width of these stickers prevented me from making the most of them. If you want to try these for yourself or any other products from Born Pretty, for all vanessataaffe.wordpress.com there is a 10% discount code. At the checkout enter the code VSSW10 for the discount to apply.

Let me know if you have tried any of BornPrettyStore’s products and which ones you would recommend.

*This product was kindly sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

The Laduree Paris Macaron Experience

2014-01-31 19.42.30

Macarons anyone? In my second instalment of Paris food adventures, I bring you Paris’ famous macaron house Laduree, located right in the heart of the Avenue de Champs Elysee. After some not so extensive Googling, I came across Laduree’s incredible website and decided to add it to my list of stops.  Step through the elegant green and gold doors and you’ll find yourself in a dimly lit room with an amazing ambiance and, as you would expect the smells inside were divine. The left side of the shop is dedicated to selecting macarons and pastries. The right side, a cosy restaurant with luxurious patterned wallpaper and lamp lit tables.

Laduree Macarons Paris

The décor both inside and outside was superb. The interior was full of lush green carpets and pretty tiles. Soft lighting and delicate lighting fixtures hanging from the walls and ceilings really compliment the produce on display which was the undoubted star of the show. My trip was during the end of January so the windows were all geared towards Valentine’s Day. Nina Ricci had collaborated with the company to design a pink and gold covered strawberry macaron. These were on display in the shop window and for sale inside at the counter. The packaging for this was beautiful red Nina Ricci heart box or rounded box, which ever you preferred, costing €55 upwards. Definitely a present for someone who appreciates their macarons!

Nina Ricci Laduree Window

Nina Ricci Laduree Paris Window Valentine's Day

After randomly stumbling upon Piere Herme another famous macaron house in Paris, I was glad I waited for Laduree. While the produce in Piere Herme looked lovely, Laduree was an unforgettable experience. The customer service was excellent. The Laduree staff members were extremely friendly, helpful and professional. Not having a clue which macarons I wanted to try, my server described a selection of his favourites and the more random flavours like orange blossom, “like something my grandmother would make me eat at her house.” I forgot to make a note of the 6 flavours I ordered, I know raspberry, chocolate and even the orange blossom were in the mix somewhere. They taste as good as they look!

Laduree Macarons Paris

Laduree Macarons Paris

Price wise, it cost €15.80 for 6 mini macarons. Crazy as some might think that is, the customer service was incredible and the product even more so. The packaging was amazing and you got to choose from three different boxes. I went for the traditional green but there were other options available.

Laduree Macarons Paris

Laduree is a must for any foodies out there or lovers of luxury macarons! Let me know if you have been or plan to go to Laduree.

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Dinner at Le Schmuck Paris

Photo courtesy of Stouring.fr

Leaving the lights and glamour of Paris behind is never an easy task! Neither is settling back into the routine of college and work again. After a mini break with my friend to the romantic city of lights, I thought I would share my recent French cuisine experiences with you.  No better way to kick it off than with Le Schmuck. A super chic and relaxed restaurant tucked away in the 6th arrondissement, Le Schmuck offers a cool and desirable dining experience in the heart of Saint Germain.


I was here during late lunch time about 2 o’clock. There was one waiter serving the whole floor and two gentlemen who later sat outside with their cigarettes and coffees, how very French! Service was a bit slow to start. It was close to 10 minutes before we got a menu. That said it was busy and from there on in the service was very attentive. Our waiter was very friendly and looked more like a Dior model than a waiter. The atmosphere is very relaxed and chilled in Le Schmuck. You can expect to hear a mix of mellow, laidback tunes with a bit of Kanye West’s slower less aggressive numbers.

For main course myself and my friend both ordered burgers, cooked to order. Both came with skinny French fries and a lightly dressed garden salad. I had originally ordered a chicken and chorizo dish to try something different but they were all sold out.  A warning for those of you who freak if they see ‘red’ in their meat, I  ordered my burger “medium” which, if I’m honest was a little bit too raw for me but it was still juicy and tasty minus the slightly red colour when I cut into it. The burger itself was garnished with cheese, lettuce and a mayonnaise sauce and tasted divine.

2014-02-01 15.11.39

2014-02-01 15.11.59

Onto the piece de resistance, dessert! Homemade French toast (made with thick, fluffy brioche) with salted caramel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  This was heaven on a plate and the main reason I took a trip out to Saint Germain. I saw this dish on a blog I follow ages ago last year and since then I was hell bent on tasting it. It was definitely worth the wait.The caramel was  incredible and worked so well with the french toast. Two foods I would never have thought to put together…De-licious!

French Toast at Le Schmuck

2014-02-01 15.43.09

 I also ordered a raspberry, passion fruit and orange juice mocktail which was sweet and sugary. The restaurant also doubles as a cocktail bar with an extensive cocktail menu, which would be perfect for a girly night out or as a general night out.

2014-02-01 14.49.06

Price wise, I thought  Le Schmuck was reasonable. This all depends on your budget and expectations. Personally I wasn’t shocked that it cost €19 for a burger. I had read reviews online complaining about the pice but location, service and the quality of the food considered I thought these were a bit harsh. If money is an issue I would advise just ordering a delicious dessert instead.

Le Schmuck

Shabby-Vintage-Chic comes to mind when I think of the décor. The restaurant and toilets have printed wallpaper full of birds, stripes, and trees. There are also rugs or tapestries hanging randomly along the walls along with mirrors and framed pictures. There are numerous sofas and floral printed chairs that you might find in your Granny’s house, added to this the chandeliers hanging from a faux vine ceiling it sounds higgledepigglty but it all merges seamlessly.

2014-02-01 14.35.44

Overall I was thoroughly pleased with Le Schmuck and it more than met my expectations. A brilliant fine dining experience and a must try for anyone who wants to splurge on good food in Paris.I will definitely be back! For more details visit http://www.schmuckrestaurant.com/

Let me know if you have ever eaten in Le Schmuck and if you enjoyed your experience there,  good or bad.