Wait a Minute… or Two

Did you know, on average a person will spend 40-60 minutes a day waiting?

Whether you’re waiting for a bus, for your turn at the doctors or waiting for a mate like this guy,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by3XPyiv7yo , there is nothing  worse than trying to kill time! After a recent two and a half hour wait, I decided to compile a list of boredom killers and essentials to carry in your handbag, that might help ease the wait.

1.Mobile Phone

The obvious option to pass the time is to whip out your mobile phone. The majority of smartphones are filled with fun time-busting apps. Pinterest, 4Pics 1 Word, True or False, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. are sure to keep you entertained.


2. MP3/iPod

The next best option to your smartphone device is an MP3 or iPod.  A good FM radio station or your favourite playlists and albums will see you through until you’re finished queuing or waiting.

FM Radio and iPods

3.Pen and Notepad

If you have no internet connection or your device is not fully charged make sure you have a pen and notebook on hand.  You can draw, jot down ideas, make lists of items you need or products you’re thinking of buying. I always find that when I am on my own for an extended period of time, it can jog my memory and enhance my imagination.

Pen and Notebook


Waiting can leave you hungry. Always carry around an energy bar or chocolate bar in your bag or pocket. Be careful though, chocolate will melt in your pocket! A bottle of water is also a handy essential.


5. A Book

Be it on a kindle, a magazine, a newspaper or an actual book, reading is a great time consumer. If you’re stuck for something to read I would highly recommend browsing through www.goodreads.com . You can browse synopses of almost every book available and read non-spoiler reviews. Alternatively you can have a look at some of my reads on the widget to your right or…. Browse your favourite book blogs on wordpress.com.

Books Magazine Kindle Newspapers


If you have no book, no water, no food, money can always get you out of a fix. You can run into your local newsagents, café or shop, grab a coffee, snack or magazine to tide you over.

Money euro pound yen dollar

7.Go For a Walk

If you are waiting while someone else carries out another task or waiting for their appointment to finish, why not go for a walk around the area.  Even if you know the area well a fifteen minute walk will get your blood flowing and burn a few calories. You never know who you could meet or what you could see along the way!

Group WalkingHappy waiting everyone.