TV’S Most Anticipated Returns: Winter 2013

Now that summer has drawn to a close and you begin to ready your hats, gloves and winter boots, it’s time to welcome back some of your favourite television dramas!  Love them or hate them, they’re all making dramatic returns to our screens this autumn/winter.



If you haven’t finished watching the previous season of Revenge, Dallas, Downton Abbey, Nashville or The Good Wife, look away now!

Downton Abbey Season 4

Downton Season 4 Return

The highly anticipated return of Downton Abbey is almost upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! Season 4 begins six months after Matthew’s shocking death. Lady Mary is left alone to raise her son and heir to the Downton estate, George. I have to confess that I’m glad Downton got in there with the name George BEFORE Kate and William!
Viewers will also watch Tom Branson struggles as a single father with baby Sybil. Tom and Mary’s grief will bring them closer than ever but contrary to numerous online rumours they won’t strike up a relationship. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any romances this season!

Tom Branson Baby Sybil Lady Mary Baby George

From the trailer released at the end of August , Tom appears to find love again, this time with Baby Sybil’s nanny. Mary finds herself over run with potential matches including Lord Anthony Gillingham, played by gorgeous Welsh actor, Tom Cullen.  As if Lord Gillingham wasn’t enough, Mary will also be pursued by Charles Blake, played by Julian Ovenden and Evelyn Napier returns again portrayed by Brendan Patricks. Who knows, maybe Mary will be lucky in love once more.

L-R: Tom Cullen, Top Row;Brendan Patricks, Julian Ovenden, Bottom Row; Gary Car, Nigel Harmen

Season 4 sees the introduction of Downton’s first African American character. Gary Carr will play American jazz singer Jack Ross. Lady Rose MacClare (Lily James), returns again this season and causes quite a stir when she cosies up with Jack. Many of you may recognise Nigel Harman (Dirty Den’s son from Eastenders anyone?).  Harman, who is featured in the promo video, will play a new valet downstairs.  Both upstairs and downstairs will experience love, scandal and maybe even death this year!
Executive producer Rebecca Eaton has hinted that more shocking deaths, similar to Matthew’s and Lady Sybills are to come this season “Big things happen to a lot of people…Life goes on and then big things start happening … People didn’t see Matthew’s death coming and I don’t think they saw Sybil’s coming either. And there are a few [more] things that they’re not going to see coming.”
Watch this space Downton lovers! Season 4 airs in the UK on ITV September 22nd and January 5th 2014 in the USA.

Revenge Season 3 


 “Start your rev-engines”- It’s back! If the Revenge season 3 promo video is anything to go by, we’re in for another scandalous year in the Hamptons with Emily Thorne and Co. The beginning of the ABC trailer flashes forward five months to Emily’s wedding day.  While it’s unclear who Emily is marrying, many are presuming it may be Daniel after their re-engagement last season. However the most shocking part about this season’s opening episode… Emily gets shot!
Will Emily be the only one to suffer a horrible fate this season? By the looks of things the devious Conrad Grayson will be taken down aswell. We’ll have to wait and see what terrible fate awaits Condrad for season 3. Perhaps all his scheming and backstabbing is coming back to haunt him.Revenge s3
Now that Jack finally knows Emily’s real identity their relationship is likely to heat up and become even more complicated. After losing his brother Declan in the season 2 finale we can only guess that his emotions are up in the air. Emily’s right hand man Nolan Ross is still incarcerated after Padma pinned the blame for NYC black out and Carion programme onto him. Poor thing! And poor Charlotte, as if coping with losing Declan and being pregnant wasn’t bad enough her older half-brother Patrick (Justin Hartley, pictured above in this behind the scenes pic) returns. Charlotte is not happy!  Could an Emily/Charlotte take down be in the pipeline?

Revenge cast

Thankfully for female fans, Barry Sloane is returning to reprise his role as lovable spy Aiden. Online rumours have been flying that he may even get cosy with Victoria after tweeting that he will be “sleeping with the enemy”.  While one favourite will return, another is set to depart. It has been confirmed that Ashley Davenport will not return for all of season 3. Actress Ashley Madekwe confirmed that she will return to conclude Ashley Davenport’s storyline but there will “no longer a story left” to tell as the season progresses. I’m going to miss Ashley’s gorgeous outfits and hairdos!
As the summer is winding down for the rest of us mere mortals, summer is just beginning in the Hamptons.  Catch Revenge on September 29th in the USA. UK date unconfirmed.

Dallas Season 3

Dallas Promo S3

Dust off your cowboy hats and boots folks,  Dallas is coming back for a third season and it’s sure to be a good’un! The season 2 finale answered the most famous question on television; Who shot JR? Turns out it was JR’s private investigator Bum. JR who was crippled with cancer, decided it was best that Bum end his life, not the disease. In typical Ewing fashion, JR and Bum managed to frame Cliff Barnes for the supposed murder whilst landing him in a Mexican prison.  Cliff threatened that when his daughter Pamela/Rebecca finds out he was framed there will be a “third generation blood feud”. How exciting!
As for newly married John Ross… well a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Season 2 ended with John Ross getting into bed with Emma, Anne’s long-lost daughter, not his new wife Pamela/Rebecca.  With Ryland behind bars thanks to Emma sneakily giving the authorities her father’s drug trafficking records, what will season 3 have in store for the residents of Southfork?

Dallas Tv Show

Plot details have been kept under wraps but Emma Bell who plays Emma Ryland has dropped a few hints as to what might happen in the upcoming season. She told, that we might see Emma and Anne Ewing becoming closer. However, it won’t be plain sailing, “I think we’re going to have some fights. I think there’s going to be some pulling… it’s going to be an exhale, inhale type thing. Once there is a mother/daughter bond, you can’t break it,” she says. One other thing is for sure when it comes to Dallas Season 3: Julie Gonzalo’s Pamela/Rebecca is not going to be happy if and when she learns what Emma and John Ross have been up to. “I think Emma’s going to have to buy some guns,” Bell jokes.
The third season is due to air early 2014 in the USA, most likely a month or two later on Channel 5 in the UK.

The Good Wife Season 5


Now that Alicia is leaving Lockhart/Gardner to set up her own firm with Carey Agos, things are going to get ugly. As she and Cary plan to leave behind Diane and Will’s back, Julianna Margulies has described it as “bloodbath”. Co-creator Robert King has stated that there will be a “civil war.” The first episode of season 5 will show Alicia announcing to Peter and Eli that she is starting her own firm.

The goodwife S 5

As for the newly elected governor Peter, could he be tempted once again by a new beautiful blonde working in his office?   Alicia and Peter have vowed to give their relationship another chance but this could spell trouble for the couple.
The Good Wife will air on September 29th in the USA. The UK date remains unconfirmed for 2014.

Nashville Season 2


After a show stopping first season, everyone’s favourite country music show is back.  After Rayna and Deacon’s terrible car crash could this be the end of country music’s brightest star?
Episode one will show Rayna fighting for her life as Deacon drags her from the wreckage of their smashed jeep. After announcing to Deacon that he was Maddie’s real father, will he and Rayna finally get the happy ending that fans are dying to see?  Will Deacon turn to alcohol once again or could  this  be the wake up call he needs to get his life and alcohol addiction back under control? From one father to another, Teddy’s bit on the side Peggy left us with the bombshell that she is pregnant with his child, adding a complete spanner to the works.
In the final minutes of the season 1 finale, Gunnar proposed to Scarlett.  It was looking like Scarlett and her ex, Avery may have been back on track for reconciliation. Can it still happen? If the promo is anything to go by then, yes!  We see a pretty, unidentified brunette kissing Gunnar which may just be the ammo Avery needs to win back Scarlett.


Juliette beings to deal with the loss of her mother, this time for good. In typical Juliette fashion it isn’t long getting before she gets back to business. She even throws a tantrum whining, “Now I have to compete with a saint in a coma”, as Rayna fights for her life. Things could be looking up for Juliette’s love life as a new love interest is set to be introduced in the form of Vampire Diaries” and “Twilight” star, Charlie Bewley. Bewley is set to play a “confident, charming and self-deprecating businessman”.
Nashville returns to American audiences on September 25th, with an unconfirmed UK date set for 2014.
Which storyline are you most looking forward to this autumn?
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